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Time-Life Civil War Series

Between 1981 and 1987, Time-Life researchers scoured
hundreds of American archives looking for materials to include
in their Civil War series set, which was published from 1983-1987.
T-L deliberately did not number the volumes in the set (I believe
they were published as completed, so they may not have had an
initial number in mind).   Our library cataloged each volume as
received, each with its own Library of Congress number, as LC
cataloged them -- not as a set, but individually.     Today, Time-
Life books sells them as a set online, but now has arranged them
in order, roughly chronological following the Civil War.

Unfortunately for us, the Master Index volume was issued as a
separate book, so it too, has its own call number.   To make this
book useful, Time-Life used abbreviations based on the individual
titles (e.g. FR for "War on the Frontier).    Because the volumes are
not individually numbered, and because users of the index are
finding multiple books when they enter the title (e.g. Gettysburg),
both our students, researchers, and library staff have been stumbling
over this set.

I've put together a simple listing in chronological order, in title order,
an index by Time-Life's "key," and a call number order -- for our
users.   If anyone on the archivist list would like a copy, I'll mail it to
you if you send me your name and address.   It's just a helpful tool
for us.


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