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Re: Jackie Kennedy's Pink Dress

Apologies for the typing/spacing glitch in my earlier post.  Here's my message again, re-sent for clarity:
Presumably someone from the National Archives (NARA) can confirm or deny whether it holds the pink suit Jacqueline Kennedy wore the day President Kennedy was assassinated.  Whichever repository holds the suit, I would think preservation and privacy reasons would prevent it from being displayed.  List readers probably have seen photos of Mrs. Kennedy returning from Dallas wearing the bloodstained pink suit.  Imagine if that were your mother, wearing a suit stained with your father's blood.  If that were the case, surely you, as a family member, would hope that if the suit were held as evidence by the government or some other organization, restrictions for privacy would prevent a museum or archival repository from displaying it for any and all idle gawkers to behold.  While I have no specific information on the current whereabouts of Mrs. Kennedy's suit, I do know NARA holds a number of Kennedy assassinaiton materials and that disclosure of them is governed by statutory access p!
rovisions, as well it should be.  In recent years, NARA has done a great job in disclosing releasable portions of the assassination materials.  See, for example, information on Kennedy related materials at http://www.nara.gov/research/jfk/jfkreg.html and at
http://www.nara.gov/research/jfk/index.html and at
http://www.nara.gov/guide/rg272.html#272.2.5.  Much of this covers the Warren Commission's examination of evidence relating to President Kennedy's assassination. Maarja Krusten (Maarja@aol.com)


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