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Geologist Frank Burns

In the USGS Field Records Library, I've come across catalog cards for a
group of notebooks dated 1884-1896 by a Frank Burns. However, the cards do
not show a Field Records Library accession number, and we don't
have the notebooks!  (The  Field Records Library moved from Washington,
to Denver, CO in about 1950.  These cards are from the original card
which came to Denver at that time.)    Locales for the Burns notes are
Mississippi, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.
The notebook descriptions start "stratigraphical and paleontological
notes..."  ,
and often say he was working with/under the direction of W.H. Dall or -
sometimes - L.C. Johnson, both also with the USGS.
Burns shows up in USGS annual reports from 1884 up through the 25th
in descriptions of paleontological work undertaken by W.H. Dall and/or L.C.
He's not in the index to Mary Rabbitt's history of the USGS vol. 2
(1879-1904), nor in
Sarjeant's multi-volume "Geologists and the History of Geology", nor in the
Who's  Who in America ca. 1913-1926, nor in American Men and Women of
He doesn't show up in the Smithsonian's online catalog, nor in the online
(National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections) nor in Library of
The Library at the Geological Survey of Alabama has an 1884  manuscript
written by Burns and addressed to Eugene Smith, State Geologist of Alabama
that time, but they do not have any notebooks by Burns.
Anyone out there know where these notebooks are, or have any biographical
or other information about this Frank Burns????  Thanks very much.


Carol A. Edwards
USGS Field Records Library
MS 914, Box 25046, Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
email: cedwards@usgs.gov
phone: 303-236-1005
fax: 303-236-0015

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