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Research: Capture of JP Ellicott Jan.10, 1863

Is anyone out there able to help me solve the following mystery?
  I'm doing a research paper for a class at UMO and ran across an
interesting tidbit about a sea captain's wife here in Stockton Springs,
Maine.  It seems that on Jan.10, 1863, the brig JP Ellicott, captained by
Albert Devereux of Stockton was captured by the Southern raider,
Retribution.  The first mate as well as Capt. Devereux had their wives
aboard.  One of the wives was left aboard the JP Ellicott and proceeded to
get the Southern captain and first mate drunk, took them prisoner, and
navigated the brig to St. Thomas,Virgin Islands.  Unfortunately, history
has lost the name of the mate's wife.  My neighbor has given me copies of
papers she turned over to the Stockton Historical Society that she found in
her attic when she bought the Devereux house over forty years ago.  The
papers cover the time period in question but there is a gap from Dec. 30,
1862 until the following summer.  My girlfriend's deceased aunt, Charlene
Devereux, did much genealogy and I have the Devereux history of her
husband, Henry Walcott.  I even have a picture of the ancestral Devereux
home in Marblehead, Mass. from which the original Devereux came in 1739 to
Stockton, Maine.  What I can't find is the name of the first mate and his
wife.  I have written to the Federal Records Center in Wash. DC (no reply
as yet)as another friend here in Stockton gave me the papers he has on the
Customs House here which was moved to Belfast around the same time period.
I am trying to consolidate my efforts and do as much work as I can via
computer.  Do you have any ideas where I can go from here?  As I said, my
goal is to locate the name of the first mate of the JP Ellicott and then
take it back to my sources here in Stockton.  It is such a neat story and
whomever the woman was, her 15 minutes of fame is LONG overdue!  Any help
you can give me is greatly appreciated.
Marsha L. Anderson
Stockton Springs, Maine

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