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Re: Patron Saint for archivists

Many saints are claimed by more than one group.  Jerome is the patron saint of librarians (and others). Lawrence is the patron saint of archivists but is often referred to as "Lawrence the Librarian."  Catherine is the patron saint of, inter alles, librarians, archivists, philosophers and more.


At 12:53 PM 10/11/01, Cecilia Hunter wrote:
I thought that St. Jerome was the patron saint of librarians; St. Lawrence was the patron saint of ARCHIVISTS; and  Saint. Catherine is new to me.  I spent a lot of time finding a medal for St. Lawrence so I hope we did not change saints.


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"Jeanne M. Keefe" wrote:

I went to Altavista, searched under Patron Saints and found this"

archivists, librarians, libraries

    * Catherine of Alexandria
    * Jerome
    * Lawrence

Jeanne Keefe

At 09:29 AM 10/11/2001 -0400, you wrote:
Does anyone know if there is a patron saint of archives and archivists? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for a saint to adopt?

Please feel free to respond to this off of the list.

Yours, etc.,

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