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Astrobiology: The Living Universe is the web's premiere educational resource for astrobiology, featuring in-depth information and interviews on exobiology, planetary biology, the origins of life and human spaceflight. Our site doesn't end with that however - every single page within this website is also available in an enhanced PDF printable format and we have a network of forums and interactive applets as well as a number of Flash animations. Find out more about the Living Universe >>

30/1/01: We're finally back, and we're working flat-out to update every single page within this website, and not just that but also to ensure that no page is more than one month out of date. 16 of the updated articles are now online, and soon you'll be able to know that you're reading the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on Astrobiology on the entire Internet. Expect further news soon...



Featured Topic: Europa

Europa is one of the most intriuging planets in the Solar System. Orbiting Saturn, scientists now suspect that Europa may have an ocean underneath its ice crust - and that ocean could even harbour life. Find out more >>


An interview with Dr. Ralph Lorenz

You might think that sending any mission to Titan, a moon of Saturn, is a difficult enough task but Dr. Ralph Lorenz is drawing up plans for NASA to send a semi-autonomous helicopter to Titan. We spoke to Dr. Lorenz about the Titan Helicopter. Find out more >>


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Take part in the Astrobiology: The Living Universe virtual classroom, which will guide you through all the topics contained in this site and test your knowledge at key stages. Visit the virtual classroom >>


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