3 teeth lighter.

Once again I heartily endorse the theraputic use of narcotics. In the grand history of my family, I appreciate them not so much for their ability to remove pain, but for their ability to make one completely not give a shit. I held three of my teeth in my hands, and I didn’t care.

Though after appreciating too many co-workers’ gory horror stories about tooth extractions, it was a bit anti-climactic. I warned the surgeon ferociously, as I am wont to do when anyone is pointing a needle in my general direction. After that, there was this sort of woozy, wacky half-sleep where I left and got my stuff and in the car and eventually home and into my bed… even if I don’t really recall too many details about how it all happened. And somewhere in there I put my teeth down and haven’t seen them since.

I also wish to submit that pudding in little cups is a rather brilliant maneuver. Delicious pudding followed by a cat toy that everyone can enjoy. Nothing is funnier than AllCats trying to stuff her entire head into a pudding cup. I might have pictures only I am too wonky-headed to operate the camera.

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