What the hell is wrong with you people?

In the upcoming election, 11 states have on the ballot initiatives to either block, ban, or discourage gay partnerships. The Republican euphamism is ‘protect marriage,’ but it’s clear after even a moment’s study that their only intent is to damage, deny, or denigrate homosexual relationships. To ensure that queer partners are ‘less’ than straight ones. Good, god-fearing Christians have to keep those
gays in their place! (Ironic, isn’t it, that the people preaching Jesus are completely ignoring his teachings.)

It’s all horse-hockey anyway — the status of marital life isn’t at risk because of gay relationships. Jane and Jill don’t make Jack and Jill any less a couple. (And if they did, wouldn’t Jack be screaming? Screaming about the injustice. The EXACT injustice that’s being perpetrated. Nice hypocrisy, whitebread middle America.) Skyrocketing divorce rates, blistering statistics involving adultery… if you want to save heterosexual marriage, you might want to start in the Britney Spears / J.Lo corner, where marriages are big-money affairs that are ONLY about selfish hedonism. Where betrothal takes
place in ripped jeans, drunk, or once a month because it’s fun. Hit the rash of wedding shows on TV — you’ll see a million bridezillas who have no grasp of the sanctity of the event. Why aren’t we banning them from such a sacred undertaking?

Sacred. Right. Originally, marriage was a tool of the church to retain money from its parishioners; it’s also been a way for old men to take young girls into their beds. It’s been all sorts of things that it wasn’t intended to be… and it’s just now that people are going to start bitching about it? Oh, PLEASE. Half the religious wackos complaining are folks that got married just so they could fuck. One set of grandparents I know — who married at 15 — admitted as much. Their parents caught them kissing on the front porch, with Grandpa’s youthful digits nearing Grandma’s skirt edge, and their parents rushed them headlong not towards a counselor or a safe-sex pamphlet, but to the nearest church where, instead of being educated or helped with the decision to be FOREVER BOUND TOGETHER… they were quickly wed before Grandpa’s pecker made its way upstream.

There was no business about hedonism or the possibility that one of them would be unfaithful and their union less than sound, just some prayers and some singing, and wham bam and thank-you-ma’am, they could screw.

The religious right is like a two-year-old with a toy who isn’t interested in it until some other two-year-old perks up and gives it a glance. NO. MINE. Fucking babies. Grow up.

The cause of the intense ire:

Salon article on the topic.

Ok, I’m done now.

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