More puppy-ness.

New puppy picture, taken just yesterday. Gandalf the GreySpork will be coming home Saturday afternoon. The pre-emptive PetSmart run has occurred and, basically, the dog is already spoiled before he even sets paw inside the door. New bed, new bones, new collar and tags. New toys, new treats, new blankies. He’s set. We pick him up in Greensboro sometime early in the afternoon. We welcome visitors over the weekend, as the more socialization he gets, the better adjusted he will be. Give us a call and stop by to play with the baby puppy!

Also, in other pet news, I discovered a kind of catnip last night that made Allcats INSANE. It was some Super Duper Catnip that was included with her Wall-Mounted Groomer, and, buddy, she went apeshit. She crammed her entire head inside the cardboard box it came in, and sort of flung herself at me when I was holding the bag. We spilled some on the carpet and she rolled and licked at the spot so much I’m pretty sure I’ll come home tonight and find it completely bare. Down-to-the-wood bare. I’ve never seen her go so insane for the Nip before. For cheese, perhaps, or the fish roe off my sushi, but never for the nip. Madness, I tell you. Madness.

Perhaps tonight I will participate in the Friday Cat Blogging. I can give her another hit of the space-nip and take some pictures. Tee hee.

Also, a shout-out to Skuld and Rudy who are AWESOME. I am free free FREE of the nasty itchy irritating *expensive* companies who make me feel like being a woman is something dirty that should be hidden. And, dude, I have dragon print menustral pads. That’s just cool.

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