Cat blogging Friday

I intended to make a post that wasn’t about either of the pets this afternoon, and then follow it with some Cat-blogging-Friday, which just seems like a good idea. And something to do with all these pictures of ArG. I love K’s digital camera. Immediate satisfaction. There–the cat, as of this evening. I didn’t intend for the white wall behind her to blow out quite like that, but it turned out so nice for the web, I happened to keep it. Any good picture is a happy accident — the trick is to shoot enough that at least one frame is a useful mistake.

The second cat picture is no such surprise… just a regular photo, a shot of the cat doing one of her weird things. In the old house, she used to sit frequently in an empty corner of the living room. K found it creepy, and took to calling her ‘Blair Witch Kitty,’ and gave her a wider-than-usual berth on the stairs late at night. This behavior has ceased in the new house, but has been replaced by an unnatural interest in… the baseboards in the kitchen.

She studies them, pacing back and forth, occasionally attacking them fiercely by plastering her furry body against the underside of the cabinetry, paws and claws splayed. She runs from them, occasionally turning and fleeing so suddenly that the rugs ruck up behind her. This happens most frequently after bed, as we usually find every rug askew each morning. Because the cat. Is afraid of the cabinets.

But most of the time she just sits on the rug, ears at attention, and stares at the cabinets. She spent some good time watching the wooden doors this evening, and I caught her in the act. So… there… cat blogging.

On the non-pet front:

I had a nice foam worked up about the UMC’s decision to defrock a lesbian priest. A lesbian priest who, incidentally, had the full support of her congregation and will continue to work with her congregation, doing the highly-lauded job she’s been doing, only with less support. Way to go, UMC. That’s really the way the Bible says Christ welcomed all to hear and preach his word. Even if you think homosexuality is a sin–and that’s a really giant and ugly ‘if’, there, folks–I don’t think the whole idea was that those who preach should be without sin. Who is? I believe the answer to that was a big, fat ‘Christ alone was without sin.’ At least that’s what I recall from the days I spent in the basement of a small NC UMC. Ptooey. This is why organized religion disgusts me.

There was also the small matter of the demise of David Bailey, the actor who portrayed (hmm, I think portrayed is probably a bit too strong of a term for soap opera acting…) the ruthless Alister Crane on the trashy NBC soap, Passions. Man, that show has had a rough year. First the little person (to whom we raise–of course– a Martimmy in fond remembrance) bit it, now the major bad guy. Too bad it wasn’t Chad and Whitney and their incest plotline. I mean, yeeeeagh.

Aaaaaaaand, back to pets…

By popular requests, a smattering of photos of His Royal Highness, GtG. So far this week he has made several messes and apologized with roses, which isn’t a bad way to go about that sort of sorry. He finally does seem interested in the outside (especially the leaves), and will often go outdoors as long as it isn’t too cold, wet, or rainy. He’s not fond of wind, either.

This is his fashionable marine camoflauge harness and leash (he also has the matching collar) and his lightweight sweater. I swear, these kind of pups have to have clothes–I had nothing to do with that. They don’t have enough body heat to keep warm, even in our mild winter climate. And normal dog clothes don’t tend to fit them. Frustratingly, the prices on proper IG-wear are insane!

He doesn’t seem particularly bigger to me, though K says he has grown. Mostly, he has grown more bold–venturing off the blanket, veering towards the cat, willingly traipsing from his bedroom to the door. The days of tumbling on the blanket with a naked timid puppy are done. When he’s out in the house, it’s on a harness and a leash, as he’s both faster and quicker than the people are, and can get into trouble with frightening speed.

He made it under the bed earlier today, finding a long-lost pair of furry bedroom slippers with google-y eyes. Being fascinated by stuffed animals of all sorts, and finding the slippers sized such that he could crawl inside, he was quite pleased with himself. Unfortunately, the plastic eyeballs proved too tempting. His attempts to snack on them (envision a tiny dog going postal on a Muppet™) ) squicked us out, so the rediscovered shoes are now off limits.

One of the funniest things about the guy is that when he gets sleepy, he goes OUT. He will be walking around one minute, and merely stop and flop over, and be almost immediately asleep. If there is a lap close by–any lap–he’ll take it. He’s not nearly as skittish with people as we’d been warned to expect. We’ve had 2 people or 10 people in the house, and he seems content to hop from person to person, kissing and loving all comers.

He’s been in for his first set of shots–one more and he can start to meet the friends of ours who are four-legged. Lucy, the dog next door. The friendly husky from across the path. KJ‘s Frankie the WonderDog.

Saturday note: We had the gaming crew over last night. Other than getting so excited he pooped on himself, Puppy seemed to enjoy it. We did too. K made Christmas Cookies as we sat around and pretended to be killing giant spiders. Geeky, yeah, but it’s my social group. Nyah.

Besides, my friends are fucking hilarious:

[ ponders damage roll ] They’re… slightly singed
[ indignant ] Singed?
Ok… braised. REALLY braised.
Hey, someone cast ‘cream sauce’!

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