Hero maker is also super-keen for making DnD characters. I had meant to get around to scanning in some drawings of my current magic-user, but hadn’t
quite gone that far. Sure, I’ve been putting together a section of this blog installation that chronicled our adventures, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing with it yet. I guess there’s enough there now to go on. Too bad I’m missing a page or two of notes so it’ll be a while before I’m caught up.

Yeah, and I just finished talking about how geeky my friends were. Sooooo guilty. Anyway. She’s obviously an elf-wizard, by the ears. The only thing missing is the quiver for her (now Flame Arrow’ed) arrows, but I gave that up to have the full-length cloak. And some detail work, though it has occurred to me I could add most of that in Photoshop.

No. Must sleep now. Insomnia breeds insanity. Or at least a lot of yawning tomorrow.

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