Read: Marine chooses
wedding ring over finger

There are several things that come to mind when one reads a tale such as this. Those things are– in no uncertain order, and obviously after the reflexive ‘what-the-fuck’– listed below for your convenience:

  1. You know, a *ring* can be replaced. It is a symbol of your love, not the actual love itself. And where are you going to wear that ring, exactly, since you hacked off the finger it goes on?
  2. Do they let people who just came off the battlefield and are almost mortally wounded make unnecessary medical decisions to cut off their appendages? And if they do, do they also let people who are on heavy narcotics make that decision? Can you just walk into an ER and say ‘I know, doctor, I’ve got this, like, fractured ankle, but I paid $200 for these jeans– they’re designer! Just cut off my leg instead, ok?” I’d like to hope the Hippocratic Oath keeps physicians from going there. Ditto for this: if he wasn’t on major drugs, why the fuck not? That shit would hurt. And I think he deserved a little morphine. And if he did get drugged senseless, I don’t think anyone should listen to the idiot who’s all opiumed up when he says to chop off his finger.
  3. He is 19. NINETEEN. God. If I had cut off my finger for the dude I was with when I was 19… I’d be pissed now.
  4. Possibly the most perplexing part of the whole tale isn’t what the Marine decided to do — I mean, it was stupid but I can think of a lot of things I might do under duress, especially the duress of mortal combat when I’m nineteen years old. It was that (a) the doctors allowed this to happen and that (b) they subsequently lost the ring this guy had sacrificed his digit to save. Um…. really. I would think if I’d cut off a guy’s finger to save his wedding ring, I’d of put it in a safe place when I was done.

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