Eat me, script kiddies.

If you visited this morning, you might have noticed evidence of the Santy worm having a little snack on my hapless blog. Malicious morons who run around writing these sort of shit programs ought to be taken out back and soundly beaten by their mommies, or better yet, by my mommy, who would have never let such a imbecilic moron with such little comprehension of general social principles exit the family home.

I’ve never understood the point of writing a malicious piece of code. I mean, sure, I can understand the occasional piece of stupidity — a piece of programming that does what was intended, but could be used malevolently. That’s one thing. But to sit around and try to come up with a worm or a virus or a exploit that will ruin someone’s work, deface their site, or possibly cause real, serious damage… Jesus, people, get a fucking clue!

Propagating some unwashed geeky 12-year-old’s virus-y bits does not — regardless of what the fake leet 2600 counterculture might say — make one cool. In fact, though your prepubescent friends may be tittering with glee, I’m fairly certain there’s a good number more businesses, blog owners, and is/it managers who hate your stinking guts. Not to mention the beauracrats of the Bush administration who’d love nothing more than to take your 95 pounds of body-odor-laden flesh and toss it in the nearest brig. And though I can’t imagine supporting the Shrub Reich for anything, I’d fucking cheer if they locked your pimply ass up until you were of age to be someone’s grandfather.

Hmmph. In any case, it’s fixed (possibly temporarily, but we’ll see) for now. I upgraded to Pivot’s RC2, and tried a few other things that I’m hoping will work to keep the craptastic childrens away from my tiny little corner of the internet. Bastards.

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