God watch.

I do like to keep an eye on the so-called Conservative Christian faction of our nation, and this week two interesting tales made it onto the radar. Were this any other time of the year, I might blather on indefinately in regards to what I think about the particular examples of humanity, but with jollier things on my mind, I shall just sum up.

Polygamous community defies state crackdown
Now, normally, I’d be all about individuals determining for themselves how they wish to live, according to their own religious practices and procedures. However, your rights stop at the place where someone else’s begin, and this Mr.Jeffs fellow is reshuffling marriages, draining the local economy, and just generally giving Mormons everywhere a bad name. Which, again, would be ok if all the participants were beyond the age of consent and actually, y’know, consenting. But due to a shortage of breedable women, wives are playing musical chairs with respect to the penises of the menfolk and grown men are marrying teenage girls. Which is just creepy.

Hell house
Christian haunted houses that depict sinners sinning, being damned, or being saved. With gruesome detail. This is a benign form of foaming-at-the-mouth fundamentalism. So benign, in fact, that we’re thinking about taking a Sunday night drive up to the the one we’ve found nearby. It’s about a half-hour away. Who’s interested?

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