Disney, part 1

I didn’t want to make a real Disney post until I had finished working on the photos, and working on the photos has taken a backseat to getting some work stuff accomplished, but rest assured I am making progress on both fronts at the moment. As you can see, there is at least one good picture out of the bunch, this one here. It pleases me.

As yes–it was Christmastime at Disney so we got to see the Mouse all lit up with Holiday Lights and other very exciting things. Like the parade of string-lighted things. And the Muppets. Horror-themed displays. And the detail-oriented design that just doesn’t quit. It was a very interesting place. A peculiar and fascinating and beautiful and weird all-at-once and all-over sort of place. Difficult to describe. Perhaps the pictures will do it justice. The upcoming holiday weekend will give me the time to finish poring over the couple hundred frames I took.

That is something to look forward to. Photos and knitting. Mmmmm. It will be my reward for making it through a Big Family Thanksgiving(tm).

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