Happy Happy

Well, it appears that the madness that is Christmas (etc.) has arrived, much more quickly than anticipated. Although it is sans snowfall, I’m sure it will all be well. Happy Holiday of Your Choosing to all, and to all a good night.

Brief five, ’cause I’d hate to have another five like the last one. God.

  1. What word irks you everytime you hear someone say it?

    Mmmm… it has less to do with the words and more to do with the particular mouth they’re coming out of, usually.

  2. What is your favorite word?

    Mmm, that changes very frequently. Currently, I like albeit and coup de grace and verisimilitude.

  3. What does it mean?

    even though, deathblow/crowning achievement, or truthful/real, in that order.

  4. What word do you say far too often?


  5. Name three words you think other people overuse:

    Leverage, value-add, enterprise. All business-speak words should be blacklisted.

  1. What is the oldest object in the room with you?

    Probably Rocky’s coffee table, or one of the presents under the tree. (Or course I’m not telling — but it originated in 1852!)

  2. What is the newest?

    The CD sitting on my desk that I just unwrapped from Christmas paper.

  3. What is your favorite object in the room with you?

    My cat.

  4. What is the most valuable object?

    My cat. Everything else was bought with money. She’s simply priceless.

  5. What is the ugliest object?

    Probably me at the moment, as I’m unshowered with bed-head and that ‘I slept in my clothes last night’ funk. But damned if my Christmas knitting projects aren’t finished and wrapped. Huzzah!

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