I took the advice of Mr. McManlyPants and installed (well, I think installed is a rather strong term for ‘copied over some file and blammo, it works’ but whatever) ShortStat.

And, eep. There are, like, people out there. People I obviously don’t know since there’s 300-some visits since late late late Monday night/Tuesday morning, and I don’t think I know 300 people, let alone 300 people who should be reading my innermost thoughts over The Holidays when they could be sleeping or taking Jell-O® shots or playing with new video games. So, hello random strangers. And what? Isn’t that what everybody else does over the holidays?

The popular searches aren’t nearly as exciting (read: obscene) as I’ve seen elsewhere. In fact, they make pretty perfect sense:

  • perfect gingerbread cookies
    If you’re here for that, MAN, are you in luck. Best. Gingerbread. Ever. Well, more snappy than bread-y, but it’s basically hot buttered awesome. Ask around; the natives will vouch.
  • knitting
    This is NOT a knitting blog, dammit.
  • hands, hand fetish
    Lo, internets, how well you know me.

Then there was other random stuff that was mostly part of a title of a post or something. And, wow, people read parts of the site I never expected them to read. Guess I should fix those templates, eh?

Also, I noted that McManlyPants tagged me with some meme or whatnot, and ehhh, I’ll get to it. I’m on vacation. In good time. I might need to go back to my Sims, who are into their second generation who have NOT died while making Bananas Foster. And making soup. Mmmmmmm, chowda. Experimental chowda.

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  1. Robust McManlyPants Says:

    Man, those gingerbread folks have hit frickin’ paydirt if they end up here!

    Also, yeah, “installed” is a strong term for ShortStat. It is like the gods themselves wrote it.

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