Go. Read. Now.

Before we headed out to Disneyworld® this past November, I happened upon a short story I had read–skimmed, really–a few months before. It was a short piece titled Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. I had blown through it the first time, filing it away as something to be explored again, if I ever got to go and see The Mouse. As we prepared for our trip, I remembered and looked it back up.

Then I made K read it.

The we went to Disney.

It changed the way I thought I’d see the Magic Kingdom®. I looked a little closer, wondered about those secret doors just a little harder.

So when I got back, I sat down and read it again. It made loads more sense, with context and all. K read it again too. I realized then that I’d read the same story at least three times, and K–who hates science fiction–has read it twice. I should probably see if this writer had more.

Cory Doctorow. He’s some sort of world-traveller, hip-writer, young sci-fi up-and-comer. Seems fond of Orwell and Verne and the classics, and stewed thoroughly in MTV, shag carpet, and Jetsons Ronco Inc. culture. He’s of course got a blog. BoingBoing. Really popular, I hear.

And he has a website. Where you can download large portions of his work–work he’s been releasing under a Creative Commons license at the same time his paper-for-cash books are launched.

So what else is there to read from this guy? Lots. I’m fairly certain I haven’t managed to unearth it all yet.

A collection of nine short stories: A Place So Foreign and Eight More (6 of the 9 are available online).

Two shorts in Salon: 0wnz0red and Anda’s Game. Anda’s Game was likely my introduction to Doctorow’s work. I adore Salon, and I know I read this. Ender’s game, Anda’s Game. I love Card as much as he puzzles me, and the name-checking title intrigued me. And I followed it to Down and Out and to all the rest. Awesome.

Eastern Standard Tribe, his second novel, and a deeply twisted piece of work. Twisted in a really grand way, mind you–it’s all raging weirdos whose chemical problems may or may not be the root of the overarching plot to steal a brilliant, world-rocking invention. Espionage and insanity… one of my favorite double-headers.

Someone Comes to Town Someone Leaves Town, his most recent novel. It’s the one I’ve left to read sometime around… nowish.

So, basically, if you like sci fi–and sayth K, even if you don’t–go check out the links. You can buy the books later. Get the stories now.

In case you’re wondering how he makes money? Simple. Plenty of people who read the books online–and love them–go out a buy a copy afterwards. Or they’re gifted with a copy. Or they want paper to get signed. At least that’s what the numbers say.

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  1. Kat Says:

    I *loved* 0wnz0red. It’s what Robust McManlyPant’s stories remind me of. I’ll need to go check out these other ones. Thanks!

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