Gigantic family day on TLC.

In the ever-continuing quest to find the very worst television available to watch and mock, I happened upon the TLC double-header 14 Children and Pregnant Again! and 16 Children and Moving In. I’d read about them on the internets. I was home, and working, and I let both one-hour specials play through in the background. Though I missed a few scenes, I think I got the whole Duggar experience. And, my gods, what an experience it was.

It was, in some ways, both more and less than what I’d feared.

First, the less: The kids seem to be clean, and fed, fairly-well educated in the style their parents have chosen, and behave better than most. They were completely spit-shined for the television cameras, but let’s assume that they’re at least sort of like that most of the time. The home is organized within an inch of its life, but with 14 kids? I think it would descend into world-ending chaos were it not forcibly scheduled. It’s admirable that the Duggars seem (at least in the first special) to avoid debt or handouts, choosing to live simply and within their means. This is tempered a bit by the massive amounts of product placement (and freebies, I’d imagine, unless Jim Bob is making substantially more than most legislators/used car dealers) in the second.

So, in some ways, not as awful as I could imagine.

However, in others? Shudder.

I find religion, like anything potent, is best in moderation. The Duggars are one of the Quiver full folks, a mix of Protestant and patriarchy, with some good old-fashioned sexism tossed in. Women are to submit to husbands, dress like Laura Ingalls Wilder, and remain barefoot, pregnant, and housewives forever and ever, Amen. Which obviously sounds terrible to me. But, hey–choice is choice.

But this choice is so creepy, not just for mom, but for her brood. Between home-school and home-church, the kids seem to have no formal external social contact. They did seem to have some friends. Another large family was shown in the program, their kids hanging out with (and, if I’m not mistaken, making eyes at) the Duggar siblings. But they don’t seem to have been exposed to anything… different. Ever. No TV, no pop music, no modern clothes or toys. No internet. Just… piano and violin and building stuff and doing chores.

The kids were interviewed. The girls spoke softly and, when asked what they wanted to do, said they planned to marry and raise children like their mom. None of the daughters were very old, though, so that may change–most little girls want to be like their mother, I think. The gender balance is a bit skewed, with 10 boys and 6 girls by the end of the second special. The first 3 children are boys, and the oldest is 17 (possibly 18 by now).

I wonder what will happen to them as they start, in sequence, to become adults. I’m pretty sure the people that tuned in to the shows or wrote about them will be interested, too.

And that, I think, could be their undoing. They have some level of fame right now, and have come into or at least finally realized some money, be it cash or salable property. It is different, to have things, distractions. They were able, by the second special, to finish their enormous dream home–some 7K square feet tricked out with all kinds of stuff I’m pretty sure wasn’t solely from the meager family budget mentioned so often in the first show.

Is it going to change the way those kids behave, to have this new stuff? To have the private spaces and locked doors that didn’t exist in their 3BR, 2BA rental home?

Yes, the math you’re doing in your head is correct. 14 children plus 2 parents is 16 people. That’s 7 children per bedroom and 8 people per bathroom. You would have to schedule taking a shit. And taking a shower. On totally different schedules.

And that’s feeding 16 people–a really large dinner party for most of us–every single day.

One of the most amazing things about seeing this on film was the sheer scale of things. Things like their pantry, which (in the new home) is industrial shelving, like at the supermarket. It has a local market’s worth of supplies, too. Or the family car–which is actually a bus. The 16-person passenger model doesn’t fit them all anymore.

Mom Duggar is probably the oddest character at this perpetual soiree. She has wide blue eyes that always look sort of hopped-up and manic. Her grin is forced, wide, and toothy. Clearly, she is well-intentioned, but oddly… boastful. I mean, it’s expected that parents would brag about their offspring, but she seemed really focused on quantity, not quality.

She assures the cameras that she is just a normal mom. Once they decided to give her womb to God, and more and more children came, it got chaotic… but now that she has older children, it seems to be getting easier. Her mad organizational skills (every child has a buddy! and there is a chart full of post-it notes! daughters do the cooking and sewing! sons build things and clean their own toilets!) may be part of the improvement, but by and large seems to be her kids carrying the brunt of the housemaking work.

The sheer responsibility the children bear bugs me. Their day is scheduled far more tightly than any yuppie prepster’s, even if they never leave the house. Devotions, heavy chores, prayer, schoolwork, attending to their siblings. Grade-schoolers are responsible for dressing, feeding, and watching toddlers. Teens are responsible for helping, directing, and advising youths. Cleaning up. Scrubbing floors. Making dinner. Doing laundry.

I’m all for chores, and I guess the children in our forebears’ time had a lot more to do, and a much higher mortality rate to do it with. At a certain point, there are enough kids that even a family farm’s worth of chores would be only a few tasks per kid.

But kids responsible for kids–that’s when you have too many. Parents should be responsible for their children. I get the need for childcare, and for some amount of older-sibling babysitting. Builds character, teaches responsibility. Lets you practice on your own siblings before selling your services to people with charges you don’t know. But in the Duggar family the ‘buddy system’ seems to be a permanent assignment, not occasional help.

I suppose whatever my views on raising children, the fact is that I don’t have any, and I certainly don’t have 14. But I once was a child, and I was raised by good parents who paid attention and taught me things. They only had 2 kids, and that sometimes seemed like a lot.

I can’t imagine having the kind of relationship with my mom that I do if I’d had ten siblings. As it was, the family was kind of divided down gender lines. Even at 1:1, I sometimes wish I knew my dad better. Sure, there’s enough love to go around, but is there enough time for 8 kids per parental unit? And what of the troubled kid or the handicapped kid or the sick kid or the slow kid? That’s a tough lot to pull off, even if you only have one or two children. I’ve known a handful of families with handicapped or sick kids, and even the best of parents struggle to make sure the healthy children don’t feel left out.

It feels so weird, to be objecting to Mom of the Year on what amounts to, “For The Children.” But what kind of people are the young Duggars growing up to become? It’s not just the giant lace doily necklines, long hair, and skirts to the floor. It’s the fact that men are in control, always. It’s that women are relegated to one type of life–mother and homemaker. Music and literature include only hymns and the Bible. There is no variety, no controversy, no brilliance or daring.

But if we all convert, and have giant yawning acres of suburban hedgerows, won’t we just all collectively freak out at some point and bust it up with an era even nuttier than the 60s? And I’m not sure what could be crazier than shag rug and those idiotic pochahontas outfits.

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  1. Robust McManlyPants Says:

    I’m not so sure I’d buy all their talk about “meager” budgets. Dude owns a car dealership and he’s a state legislator. If he’s a state legislator, he’s in a work position that allows him to take weeks/months off every year. My bet: he’s not exactly the guy in the parking lot who greets you when you stop in to look over the inventory. Now, even if he’s raking it in, 18 mouths is a lot of mouths. I don’t doubt for a second that it takes serious budgeting even if you’re rich, but I would imagine they have more than they made out they had. Dude is a serious wingnut Republican, so it’s easy for me to be cynical, though.

    As to the creep factor? Total creep factor. I’ve seen pictures of them. Mom is a total Stepford womb. I’m all for people raising their kids however they like, and I’m all for raising them in an environment where they can focus on emotional and intellectual development and life skills rather than spending every waking hour of every day on MySpace. I spent Sunday afternoon using a chainsaw to clear some brush in the yard and I never would have been able to do that if I hadn’t spent a healthy portion of my childhood out in the woods helping my dad do the same thing. My main concern is I think very close to yours: what happens when they hit the real world? It’s the same concern I have for kids who grow up in the “modest” homes with no outside contact, kids who are homeschooled without regular outside interaction, all those sorts of circumstances: namely, what happens when they hit the real world? I worry that by never being exposed to those who are different they are left unprepared for accepting or co-existing with or even merely acknowledging the existence and human value of those who are different or have had different backgrounds and experiences.

  2. bascha Says:

    From what I could gather, Dude actually owned the car lot, and parlayed that into some other businesses, and into running for office. Oldest caricature in the business, right? Car dealer/local senator?

    In the first special (there’s a year or two in between, mind you) they seem to be making choices that are more frugal. Like, crazy frugal. Rental house and homemade clothes frugal. Baked bread instead of boughten. Etc.

    In the second, that house [that they were building] gets wild and crazy out of control. They totally blow the schedule, and then someone (production company? network?) gets workers and materials to whip through the remaining build just in time to put a happy ending on this docu-drama. My guess is that they had been saving for the house. But, as you say, 18 mouths (grocery bills of $800+!) is a big cash suck–they ran out of money, or time, or the network wanted it to happen on a certain timetable the family couldn’t afford, so labor and such was thrown in to make it work out for TV. Everybody seems to be getting what they want.

    And to your second paragraph–oh yeah on both points. Though Mr. Pink Eyes did bring up this counter: the idea is to rarely expose these kids to the outside world. By the time they are adults they’ve assimilated the idea that that carnality is wrong, immodesty is wrong, and that the world is a fearful place filled with evil influences. I mean, the sheer volume of the stuff they think is sinful? Makes pretty much everything modern sinful!

    So they’re saying, basically, that the ouside world shouldn’t be accepted or acknowledged or experienced. Not by them, anyway. Do we have to say that’s ok, to truly grant religious freedoms? If that is what their religion truly believes?

    I kinda think we do. I guess this is where the work of politics and law comes in–trying to find the line that marks the place that is ‘harm’ vs ‘free will and self-determination.’ I usually err on the patchouli-scented info-hippie side of that mark.

  3. Robust McManlyPants Says:

    Exactly – where is that line? I have a lot of respect for the Amish practice of sending young people out into the world for a year so that they’ve seen both sides of the coin and can make a decision on their own. I guess the line is when someone is not allowed to go out into the world if they declare upon achieving majority that they want to do so. At that point its unlawful. Up to that point, unless there’s abuse of some sort (and I’ve never, ever heard allegations of legally-recognized abuse against these folks, even if I know that I would have gone bat-shit crazy in their care), it’s all theirs to do what they want. It gives me the creeps, but I’d rather be free to live my life creeped out by theirs than not be free to live my life at all. Still, creepy. Weirdly creepy.

  4. defygravityalwys Says:

    yes i agree with all of your opinions and I can speak from experience when I say that homeschooling reallly does shelter you from the world. I was homeschooled from K-9 grade and believe me, there were some shockers when I went into public education. what worries me even more though is that the duggar children are EXTREME; MORE sheltered than I was, or even anybody I’ve ever known that homeschools. I’ve always had worn what society would view as “normal” clothing, watched TV, read/listened/watched things that weren’t always christian, and never EVER had that many chores, especially in grade school. Furthermore, my parents involved me in theatre when i was 10 and have been performing ever since. My parents made an effort to expose me and my siblings to things beyond what lay in our home/chruch. Granted, our rules were sometimes stricter than most, but i never stuck out. Now that I am almost 18, they are lettting me make almost all my own decisions on what I think and believe, even if they dont like it. Evn so, I do think that the duggars have the right to raise and teach their kids the way they want to; after all, that is their right in this country. However, the problem will come if one of their kids decides, especially one of their daughters, that they wanna ditch the floor length dresses and homemaker motif and become a college bound, career seeking woman. I get the sense, as you do, that Jim Bob and Michelle are not very open to things they view as “sinful”. There have been things I have struggled with my parents about and I cannot imagine the magnitude of stress and hurt one of their children might feel if they began to think differently about their parents’ belief system. I wouldnt be surprised if one or more of them rebelled, but then again, I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt. I know this sounds extreme, and forgive me if this a bit tactless, but when I’ve watched these programs (and I’ve seen both at least twice) it almost seems that the kids are brainwashed. I am very interested to see what happens as these children grow and I hope they are continued to be documented.

    oh, and if you want more info on them you can go to, they have many links also which gave me more insight into their very conservative lifestyle.

  5. bascha Says:

    defygravityalwys, thanks for posting! It is certainly welcome to have a comment from someone who has “been there.”

    It is a good point to bring up the emotional aspects involved when children–homeschooled or not–question or reject the beliefs that their parents have attempted to instill. Many parents are disappointed when their children do not mimic their qualities, even in minor ways like choosing the “wrong” career, education, or spouse. Even these seemingly minor disagreements can cause major rifts.

    We have trouble–as humans–with our relationships. We kind of suck at it. If we’re not breaking up with somebody, we’re breaking somebody’s nose, or breaking down (with joy). We’re passionate that way.

    Your parents are passionate about something. But you as an adult have made slightly different decisions in different places and come to somewhat different conclusions. Hopefully the difference won’t ever be something you can’t accept in each other.

    And the Duggars? I don’t know. The homeschooling aspect is so tied up with the largeness of the family and religiousness that I’m not sure where one ends and the next begins. There is so much that is wholly different about them (in relation to the world outside).

    I am very curious what sorts of things are the most shocking? Are they the sorts of things that you think will split apart the Duggars and any wayward children? Or will any lost lambs be intimidated back to the fold?

    Are they just as fascinated and horrified by the idea of public school, athiesm, and spandex shorts as I am by their prairie dress and religio-educational practices? (Yes, I totally just made that word up.)

    As for the brainwashing: I looked up the medical definition of the term, and it is:

    “any systematic effort aimed at instilling certain attitudes and beliefs in a person against his will, usually beliefs in conflict with his prior beliefs and knowledge. It initially referred to political indoctrination of prisoners of war and political prisoners.”

    Are minors are entitled to personal autonomy of that nature? Presumably, a lot of children consider sleeping or eating their vegetables as contrary to their prior beliefs and knowledge. So it’s certainly not simple.

    And thanks for the link. I love their recipes. At least in that department, the uber-conservative Duggars and my liberal parents could agree–casseroles are where its at!

    I think I might rebel in that department. But I think my mom forgives me for not liking pot-pie. ;)

  6. denjhart Says:

    First I would like to tell you that I have never blogged before or felt so motivated to until learning about the Duggars. The TLC special made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! What is wrong with these people?? The Stepford family indeed!!
    They boast of their devotion to their evangelical Christian lifestyle, yet there is an underlying extreme political, entrap neural and opportunistic current to their “quiverfull” lifestyle. The Quakers have an extreme lifestyle by today’s standards, but they don’t make a spectacle of their families, unlike the unlike the Duggars who deserve any or criticism they get now that they’ve made their family life public via magazine articles, political photo shoots, hospital photo shoots, television shows, and accepted many benefits, such as appliances, materials, furniture for their new dream home, and even a trip to Disney!!! And the list goes on. I suppose these all just came from God. And they want more children ????? I’m sure each additional birth will bring them more and more publicity.
    Personally, as a mother of three and grandmother of five, I find it hard to devote the amount of attention I want to each of them. Am I wrong to not jump on the admiration bandwagon of the Duggars? They seem to have neglected the fact that their children, although dressed alike, and named nearly alike, are individual children. But I suppose the only way to maintain a family unit of that size is to do what they do. Why not just send them to military school? After all, if they don’t allow the children to see how the rest of the world lives, or socialize with people who aren’t their siblings, they won’t know any different. This doesn’t seem any different to me than a commune or a cult in which members cannot survive outside of. Maybe that’s what the 20 acres is for? Scary! Strong words, but how WILL they survive their adult years? Not very well I imagine. Will they all be able to attend college (girls included) and if they could, would they be able to adjust to it? I’m doubtful. The Duggars say they are teaching responsibility, but are they practicing it? After all, I don’t think restraint or self-discipline, or condoms are against God’s will when it comes to making babies! Am I the only one that finds these parents IRRESPONSIBLE? Has Jim Bob convinced his wife that unprotected sex every night is God’s will?
    I wonder if the older children resent not having their own friends and involvement in sports, or other activities outside of the family, or church. Or are they sheltered to the point of not knowing any better and will resent it later in life? (I find it ironic that Michelle Duggar was a cheerleader in highschool) Just to let you know, I am from a very strict Catholic family of 8, I am a twin, and the second oldest in the family and along with my older sister had a lot of responsibilities to the family which prevented us from joining in highschool events and limited our friendships. So I do know whereof I speak.
    Have the Duggars even considered that they’ll be almost 60 years old when the youngest is ready to leave home?? And they want more? Or have they given any thought about how soon they could become grandparents?? I suppose they are leaving it in God’s hands to keep them healthy enough in their later years to handle all of this?? Good Luck!!
    Again I say, what is wrong with these people??

  7. Robust McManlyPants Says:

    Or have they given any thought about how soon they could become grandparents??

    Of course, with the whole home-schooled, 20-acres-in-the-middle-of-nowhere lifestyle, those kids are going to be lucky to find a date, much less get anywhere in the reproduction department.

    I agree. The more I think about it, the creepier it gets.

  8. PEDS Says:

    At least the children aren’t overweight and poorly behaved like most American Children. They are learning about work ethic and competition.
    I don’t remember the parents ever denouncing female independence. I believe the mom and dad would support their duaghter’s attempt to go to college. Only time will tell.
    I would be disappointed if the boys were afforded more opportunities to go to college than the girls.

  9. bascha Says:

    I don’t remember the parents ever denouncing female independence.

    Except for that whole part about how the womb is given over to God. And also that part where the husband serves and honors Christ as the wife serves and honors the husband.

    I don’t really think either of those beliefs–which are all about servitude and honoring something bigger than one’s self–can be inclusive of women’s independance. The very nature of them requires the woman be subserviant, because she’s at the lowest rung of the ladder of beatitude.

    ‘Cause when you’re having babies at the fastest possible biological rate, and when it is your responsibility as wife and mother to raise these children and maintain the household and support your husband, you’re quite a bit dependant on your spouse to provide financially, mentally, and physically for your well-being. Women’s independance does not culminate in college graduation, especially if one cannot freely make decisions about what to do with that education.

    And that’s the point. The Duggar’s girls might be allowed to go out and get all the degrees they want, but at the end of the day, the only thing that, according to their system of belief, those girls should do as women is make babies and raise ’em, to glorify God and their husbands. How is that, exactly, free will and choice?

    At least the children aren’t overweight and poorly behaved like most American Children.

    I feel it’s not much progress to trade in one set of problems for another. I don’t think brainwashed baby-makers are any superior to Chubby McSpoiledBrat. In fact, the root cause is quite similar–parents who are too occupied with their own paradigms, be it blessings from above or BMWs in the garage, instead of what is best for their children.

    (Also, check out the Duggars family recipe page. With all those processed cheese and full-fat meat casseroles, I hardly think the slimness of the Duggars is due to diligence in the nutrition department. Just a thought.)

  10. Sara Says:

    The Duggar Family seems like a well brought-up and well behaved family. If Jim Bob and Michelle want to have that many children (as long as they have the money to suppourt that many children) then I say GO FOR IT!!!

  11. Bernie Says:

    They seemed well-fed, well-educated, and well-behaved. The world, and America, could use a lot more like that.

    They are not in total isolation. They go places, meet people, and do things.

    The public education system instills (brainwashes) children into all kinds of liberal dogma. Homeschooling avoids this thorny problem.

    I grew up in a family of 8 children. I was one of the “middle” children. Older helped younger, and all had chores. Nothing wrong with that. It builds character and teaches responsibility.

    Hats off to the Duggar family and their accomplishments!

    By the way, if the lady wants to bear that many children, and can physically handle the stress of so many, then may God bless her!

    Unlike with many families or single parents, at least these children are not being bounced around foster care or made to live in the streets.

    As for going different directions in adulthood, they can choose to do as they will. Adult children generally do. College is there if they want it, and the wide world beckons. They will make their own choices in life as they go along. That’s how it is.

  12. Johnann Demick Says:

    It became obvious to me that Michelle Duggar has the easiest role in the family, she simply gives birth, passes the baby off to an older child once it is weaned and then starts breeding all over again.
    If she truly had to care for her children 24 by 7 like any other mother, she most likely would have changed her attitude on the whole “accept anything God gives me”. She is robbing her children of their childhood and most likely raising several children that will grow up and not be able to cope with the “outside” world.
    I wonder if the older children access the internet to read about what is being posted about them, I hope not, because they are the innocent victims and I would hate to see them feel hurt by the life style chosen by their parents.
    As for their palatial house, I noticed that it was steel built, which course would have to be, because a wood house would have rotted after being under open construction for 3 years. A 3,200 square foot 2 story runs about $75,000 so Duggar probably paid at the most $140,000 for his 7,000 square foot house. The catch is that the interior was very nice, the kitchen, flooring, furniture so that appears to be another $100,000, which I wonder where that is coming from.

  13. Kathy Schaap Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this family. I actually think Mom and Dad do a pretty good job with the kids. The kids are rather knowledgeable and can play the piano and violin. Very well behaved. They are healthy and well groomed. But they have never had the oportunity to see how “the other half lives”. Maybe in time.

    I know folks say the parents can’t have quality time with their children but …. I look at the young parents around me. They may only have one child. The typical day is to get up and hand the kid some cheerios in a baggie and take them to day care. Mom and Dad both work. After work, somebody picks the kid up and swings thru McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. Then the kid is placed in front of the TV or computer until bath and bedtime. Where is the quality time in that??? At least the Duggar children all have a flesh and blood buddy.

    People keep saying the family is not responsible. I think they are very responsible. No one is asking for a handout. They provide or work for what they need.

    Everyone makes fun of their clothing and hair. The kids on the public buses I take have green hair and wear torn jeans with tops that doesn’t even cover his/her belly.

    What happens when the kids hit the real world?? Maybe they have no intentions of hitting the real world. Dad bought 20 acres so they can all live together.

    It does seem like a big cult, but I think it is relatively safe. I think folks actually get angry and scared that a family can live without 3 SUVs, a McMANSION, ipods, designer clothing and shoes and don’t eat out every night. Why can’t they be in a constant state of material goods obssession like us?? Are any of their children on the ADHS drugs?? I don’t think so. Now, if you have 17 or 18 kids, surely one of them should have been diagnosed with ADHS or be in therapy. Or maybe in the “real world” parents discipline and interact with their children through drugs.

    I don’t know. Say what you will, but the Duggars are just “different”, not crazy, wrong or irresponsible. And what is with this obsession with Mrs. Duggar’s “trance like” stare and mullet hairdo. They just cut one another’s hair to save money, and she looks perfectly normal. We just don’t want to be them. So don’t.

  14. bridget hainline Says:

    I stand by my criticisms of this family. If Jim-Bob really cared about the health of Michelle he would not keep getting her pregnant. She is doing damage to her body if she hasn’t already. I also watched the vacation special and I think the children only pretended to have fun to please their parents. Who wants to work in a pistacio nut factory on their vacation? The only thing they did in Las Vegas was to see the chocolate factory and they were shown how chocolate was made. There are other things to to do in Vegas. There are wonderful shows and they could have gone to the M & M Museum and the Coca Cola Museum, too. They can also see the Car Museum, too. I thought the kids were there just to learn and there was no fun. It seemed like a school field trip and not a family one. They are teaching to be frumpy and not care about their appearances. Employers care if someone looks nice because that is a reflection of the company. You can dress in nice clothing and still not look like a frump. Jumpers on older girls look silly, but on little girls and babies they’re fine.

  15. bridget hainline Says:

    I have another thing to say: when I watched their RV nicknamed Trusty in the vacation episode, I got a bit scared. I saw that oversized vehicle with all those children in it just barely make it over the winding roads and thought, what if it capsized? All or a few Duggars would be killed or horribly injured. Can anyone imagine what kind of funeral that would be and how much criticism would be heaped on the Duggar parents if they survived it only to have to bury some of their children?

  16. Regina Says:

    I’ve only seen the first episode. The whole time I was watching, all I could think of (besides “OH MY GOD, STOP HAVING MORE BABIES!!”) was, do you know who I feel sorry for? The inevitable one or two gay kids they’re sure to have.

    There was a very telling bit during this episode. The children are asked to list what chores they are responsible for. One of the boys claims that he (and I think the rest of the brothers) are responsible for the keeping the boys’ bathroom clean. But then later one of the girls is asked what she hates doing the most and she replies that she hates cleaning the floor around the boys’ toilet. Hmmmmm…

  17. Cassie Says:

    The first three children are not boys. Joshua, Jana and John-David are the three oldest.

  18. Scott Says:

    It very funny that TLC’s first spot in the “16 Children and Moving In” was an advertisment for a birth control product. Is that wonderful product placement or what!!!

  19. Mari-Jo Says:

    I am in awe of the Duggar family! I love the organization! This couple live their faith. They believe that God will provide and he does! They teach their children the laws of God and give evidence by example. If God did not want them to keep having babies, then she would not get pregnant! They are just leaving the decisions up to God and not blatantly refusing to accept God’s will. Children are gifts from God! Besides, there is power in numbers! When Michelle and Jim Bob are old, they won’t be in nursing homes because there will be enough children to share in the care of their parents, physically and financially. Plus- the burden per child will be significantly smaller due to their numbers! By sharing in the chores, upkeep and care of other siblings while growing up, these kids will know how to care for themselves and their own families and homes when they are adults. They will have plenty of time in their lives to get “introduced” to the “real world” (a relative term). It really is ideal to instill a good solid base of faith, morals and education before the “real world” tries to destroy them. They will be stronger. After all, we were born to be able to freely choose the love of God, not the love of the Ipod. May God Bless them! For every one else- don’t begrudge others any gifts bestowed upon them. This is God’s way of providing for them. If you want what they may have received in “hand outs” then do what they do or remain silent! This is about “thy will be done” not “my will be done” Praise God!

  20. Nicole Says:

    I am the mother of four children and have been interested in the Duggar Family since we saw their first special on Discovery Health. It is no surprise that so many people take up issue with this family. Here is a healthy, well-educated, ethical family who is making their goal of raising upstanding citizens a reality and the feedback they get is mostly all negative. I am certain that this negativity is not rooted in “pity for the children” but rather envy of people succeeding to raise a loving, large family unaffected by the immorality of our society.

    Siteowner replies:

    The Duggars have received plenty of positive feedback–spiritual, financial, and rhetorical. The vehemence of some of the posters here–like yourself–makes it very clear that there are some who are positively fervant about their practice. And that is fine.

    However, to reduce any opposition–nay, any response at all other than jubilant rejoicing–to spite born of envy is ridiculous. That presupposes so many things, among them that every human is born with a desire for the same life. You also make the broad and sweeping generalization I hear far too frequently: “the immorality of our society.”

    What is this society outside yourself of which you speak? I hear politicians rant and rave about our depravity, and one would think hearing it that city streetcorners were filled with rampaging perverts and that pornography spilled from every channel. Yet when I turn on the television, I see massive portions of any kind of option–from hardcore to sanitized pablum. Certainly, there exists evil and filth and badness… but there always has. We make the choices about how society views it, and about what is available. We all do. So to sit back and blame it on society when your choice is to take your dozen or so model citizens and lock them away? And to refuse to accept your part and make your choices? Hypocrtical at best.

    Countless people are disgusted with the fact that the Duggars accepted money from TLC. The Duggars did not solicite themselves; they were approached. Can anyone honestly claim that if someone wanted to film you and your family for a television special that you would not expect payment? It is shameful that so many people are so consumed with jealousy because they are not succeeding at raising their own children well much less having a television special made about them.

    Siteowner replies:

    I do not begrudge the Duggars their windfall. The question of their solicitation is moot: if society buys what they are selling, and their actions are legal, then they can choose to have their face on every lunchbox in America, I don’t care.

    But they have now accepted the terms of this contract–they’re on television in the living rooms of every person who chooses to tune in. Their life is a TV-movie-of-the-week, and that has its own cost. For one? They have offered themselves up for judgment. They want to proselytze, but you don’t seem to think that we should be allowed to question their choices. I think they’ve put themselves in the public eye, and should expect commentary.

    And, as for whether or not I would need to be paid to be on television: I have no desire, for any amount of money, to be on TV. I would not be willing to pay that price myself, nor would I ask my family to do so. I think they would agree in that regard, but if they chose differently, I would decline but wish them luck.

    In truth, I’m not sure I view the specials made about the Duggars in the same light that you do. You see their being chosen as a gift, perhaps from God, but at least in recognition of their pure intentions and prayerful ways. The television networks–normally the purveyors of porn and violence, I thought?–have seen fit to produce this one proper piece of entertainment. That’s very convenient.

    I see their televised specials as just another freakshow. The purveryors of porn and violence really like weirdos, too, and the Duggars–with their outlandish fashion sense and supersized lifestyle–fit the bill. But I am a cynic. The truth likely lies somewhere in between.

    And, again, jealousy plays no part in my disagreement. I do not envy Michelle Duggar her life, as the thought of having that sort of chaotic and complicated home frankly makes me feel rather ill. To pretend that all disagreement must be false envy is to say that you believe yourself infallible, and all others fools. And yet society is the one that is full of itself?

    Believe it or not Michelle Duggar is probably going to be outliving a number of her critics that are her age. Child-rearing and breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things a woman can do to ensure her longevity. Michelle Duggar is doing what she was designed to do – like it or not. Do your research and you will discover that breast cancer (in addition to many other cancers) are largely a result of a society obsessed with birth control, sterilization and bottle-feeding.

    Siteowner replies:

    Saying that Michelle Duggar is doing what she was designed to do is like saying that a modded hotrod doing 200 on the Salt Flats is at its highest purpose.

    Certainly, she may rise into legend as the woman with the ironclad uterus, but saying that pumping out yearly babies is a health boon is ignoring a lot of other factors.

    Now, I will concede that going through the process of pregnancy and childbirth can grant quite a few pleasant effects. There is of course the much-discussed ‘glow’ of pregnancy, sure, as well as the thicker hair and other hormonal results. There are statistics that suggest that somehow the chemical changes of pregnancy help protect mothers against some forms of reproductive cancer–not assuredly, and not by some huge margin, but a bit. The same can be said of behaviors like indulging in red wine (the antioxidants) or regular exercise. Choices, you know, that people are allowed to make about their lives.

    But childbirth itself carries certain risks, and not just mortal ones. Bearing a child is an arduous process, and women’s bodies certainly change through it. That change can be both good or bad–from a greater sense of self to crushing postnatal depression. Some women revel in their pregnant bodies while others find them frighteningly out of control.

    Michell Duggar’s body–according to her own claims of health and happiness–seems to be well-suited to bearing a large number of children. This is not, in general, the case for all women. The proof? The majority of women have many fewer children. If everyone wanted that many, there’d be more large families. There are not.

    Why? Simply put, it’s just not feasible. The wear and tear on a woman’s body–not to mention her family budget–during pregnancy and childbirth is not usually repeated ten and fifteen-fold times. It hurts. She is often tired. Caring for a newborn is stressful and difficult, especially when your body is still not entirely healed or your own. The rosy picture painted of motherhood is all true, yes, but there are also times of great challenge.

    As for it being a certain cure for anything, it is not. Nor is your specious claim about multiple immoral or bad behaviors being the cause of such illnesses worth even considering. Please. We know nothing that would lead to that conclusion. At best, we can alternately study various agricultural practices, as well as medicine and environmental factors, that might have affected cancerous cell growth… but it’s still a guessing game. To suggest otherwise is wishful thinking.

    How juvenile of you all who have poked fun at their hair and clothing effort to make your points. You are over-grown bullies picking at straws to insult someone (usually someone smarter and more successful than yourself) just to make yourself feel validated and accepted.

    Siteowner replies:

    They opened themselves up to public response–and ridicule–by being on television. In fact, some would argue that that die was cast when Jim-Bob leveraged his family values to run for office. Now, as a matter of taste, sure… making fun of their outfits is kind of tacky. It’s also really tempting, given the depth of Laura Ashley hell in which these women exist. And I’m not really going to be sorry for that. This isn’t happy sunshine blog, this is my blog, and I’m pretty cynical. And sometimes you just go for the easy target.

    But bullies? Hardly. Bullies seek to force people to do things against their will. I personally hope the Duggars keep right on going. More fodder for the discussion. And, really, how many babies can you have before your womb simply falls out? I’d like to know.

  21. mari_mayhem Says:

    I watched this show the other night and just kept thinking about the tacky clothes I wore to church as a child, but these kids wear it full time. Now I’m not exactly fashionable or even put that much importance on looks in general, but they look horrible. If it were my decision they’d all be sent to TLC’s What not to Wear or atleast the mom and their older children.

    Siteowner says:

    I believe this might be the source of my own horror as well–recalling the fussy, girly outfits I was forced to wear to church and church events as a child and young adult. And the hair styles my mother chose–horrors! Perhaps the Duggar kids don’t find their style and garb embarassing or unflattering, but I do. [To previous commenter: This does not constitute some sort of attack on the Duggars, it’s simply an opinion.]

    By the way, if this new Comment commenting style bugs you, let me know. I thought it’d be easier to follow.

    I do however put importance on creativity and one cannot be creative if everything set before you has to be a certain way. Creativity is about thinking outside the box and being your own person, but these kids are literally living inside a box. What about science, logic, or reasoning? Last time I checked my studies on human beings, it was creativity that differenciated us from animals. It was the fact that we think for ourselves and that’s what the Duggars are depriving their kids of. What kind of jobs are these kids going to have? Are they going to work at daddy’s dealership or play carpenter like they did when they were building the house?

    I am curious to see what the future will bring for their children. I imagine, like most people’s kids, they’ll all do something unexpected.

    I grew up in a very strict pentacostal household governed by my bastard of a father who had that christian mentality. When I finally broke away from his strict belief structure my world fell apart because I was not used to having to figure the world out myself. Everything was confined to a small book and it was when I stepped out of that box that I truly found myself. I only wonder what it will be like when one of them has to step into the real world with only a bible and horrible church clothes.

    Some will figure it out, and others won’t. And I can’t see begrudging either their pick.

    Odds are atleast one of the girls will end up in an abusive relationship with her husband and have to support 5 kids when he leaves her for a woman with an opinion.

    That is true of any group of that number, siblings or not. I don’t think abuse and neglect are issues restricted to any one group or kind.

    This close knit family structure needs only one of the pillars to fall out from under them for it all to come crumbling down. All they need is for one of the parents to die for things to fall apart and the one most likely to die is Mrs. Duggar during childbirth.

    Dying in childbirth is not nearly as popular as it once was; her odds are actually pretty good, less than 1 in 100. And, as we all know from statistics, it’s the same chance every time. So each time she’s pregnant, it’s 99% certain she’ll go through the ordeal and come out the other side.

    And, as for failing families–I think that is also true of any close unit of people. There are certain members of a crowd that are the sticky center that holds the rest together. And when they die, things change. This is what it is, Duggars or no.

    This is one of the reasons why people don’t like conservatives.

    In general, yes, people bearing the opinion that women are meant primarily for gestation tend to earn a bit of contempt from my direction. It offends me to be told that I am somehow not a real person until my womb is full, and cannot have a true higher purpose without producing progeny.

    Unfortunately, that opinion is not entirely relegated to the red-state side of the fence.

    However, there are plenty of other conservative opinions duly worthy of dislike, so sure. It can be one of them.

  22. daman Says:

    why can’t you all just leave them be and stop crying over the fact that they don’t fit your modern, new age, beliefs. Let them be and quit dissin them over nothing

    The modern new age belief that women are people who deserve choices and freedom? Gosh, what a novel concept.

    Also, as has been mentioned, I’m pretty sure the Duggars made themselves public figures when they accepted the contract to be on television. Commentary–even “dissin”–is to be expected.

  23. rachel Says:

    Look! I was absolutely shocked when I seen the very first episode myself. Having 16 children is outrageuos. What I seen is the fact that the mom did not and probably does not spend quality time with each child. It does seem like she hands off the babies to the older children everytime after she has another. They did not give birth to those babies, the mom did. Now she may love those children but they need more than just that.
    It’s just a shame that she does not have the balls to tell her husband enough is enough already.

  24. Amy Says:

    I believe that this will be a tough subject for a majority of people to agree on. These are really age-old discussions rooted in faith and beliefs. It is going to be impossible for anyone to understand this family and other famililies with the same belief system without first truly understanding what that belief system is. This is not to say that you have to be a believer to understand. I would urge anyone who has a desire to criticize to at least have some knowledge of what they are criticizing. It’s only fair.

    Why is it that–when someone disagrees–the assumption is that they do not “understand” the argument or position? I, and most others that are reading along, have had sufficient exposure to religion, religious theory, social theory and social practice to grok what it is the Duggars believe. I have read about them extensively at this point, from publications that venerate and those that criticize. I’ve read the Bible as well as many other religious texts and works. I think I understand religion at least as well as most of the religious–and possibly moreso than many.

    I find it interesting that many of the people who wrote in with opposing thoughts and opinions, did so in such a judgemental and authoritive way.

    You mean ‘judgemental’ like deciding that we must know nothing about religion and seeking to educate us via proseltyzing? Like you kind of know everything ‘authoritive’? Hmm.

    How can you be offended by the way they are choosing to live and raise their children and not notice your own venomous and scathing comments about their appearances, their beliefs and their way of life. Some comments were really cruel and hypocritical.

    I’m not offended by their practice; I’m offended by proselytization of the practice. I’m concerned for the well-being of their children, in a general sense… BUT (and this is a huge but) I do not begrudge them their right to do as they wish.

    As for cruel comments? Sure. Life is cruel, and sometimes people are mean. Hypocritical, though? How? I didn’t even have 80s hair in the actual 80s. (Not for lack of trying, but still.)

    I appreciate the individual thoughts and opinions, but would be much more affected by logical and educated replies.

    I’m pretty certain those were logical and educated thoughts and opinions. This is all opinion, baby. Shrouding yours in religion doesn’t make it any more factual.

    I just want to touch on a couple of the issues that seemed to be repeated often. The issues of Michelle and her role as a mother and wife. Many seem to think that she is endangering her health and being oppressed by the role SHE HAS CHOSEN. She didn’t seem unhealthy to me. The fact that her body continues to sustain the lives that grow within her are testimony to this.

    Three things here.

    1. You can choose to do something that is oppressive.
    2. Noone is denying her this choice.
    3. Like it or not, childbirth does still have a mortality rate.

    The fact she is able to become pregnant reveals a very healthy body.

    Really? So women who aren’t healthy and shouldn’t get pregnant don’t get pregnant?

    The ability to get pregnant does not reveal a healthy body. It reveals a body that is healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy, which is a minimal state of human health, not proof of fitness.

    Where are you all getting your statistics? Childbirth does not equal bad health.

    Noone has said this. There was a claim, in the comments, that having children makes you /healthier/. This is also untrue. Having kids can be a boon (reduced rate of cancer, etc.) or it can be a bane (pregnancy-onset diabetes, maternal death, etc.). A crapshoot, just like the rest of life.

    Many of the same people who fight for a “women’s right to choose” have a problem with a woman who chooses life. Is it really about freedom of choice? The driving force behind families who choose life is their reverence for it.

    Good God with gravy, woman. Noone has a problem with a woman who chooses life. This is one of the major stumbling blocks I have with the whole pro-life agenda, all this “you hate babies” crap. I don’t care if you have a million kids. Have those kids, raise into good people. Don’t hurt them or let them hurt other people, and make sure you can feed and clothe them, but other than that? Have at it.

    Just stop pretending that this is the only purpose any woman is ever intended for. You might be intended for birthing babies, but I can assure you, both belief and biology have created women for whom this is not and should not be their vocation. THAT is the choice we desire, and the one that right-wing evangelical baby-worshippers seek to keep from us.

    Reverance, my ass. It’s about power and control.

    Those who choose to believe in God strive to live by the principles of His Word. Concerning this subject, They believe that God is the Creator and Giver of life. Gen.1;2:7 They believe that ONE of the purposes of marriage is to produce “godly offspring” Psalm 113:9; 127:3-5; Malachi 2:15. They believe childbearing is a basic, God-given role for women. They believe children are to be received as blessing from God. Psalm 127:3-5; I Timothy 2:15; 5:14. The submission issue is always misunderstood. A “Christian” believes that God is bigger than any human authority. This is key to understanding submission. When a wife submits to her husband she is placing herself under the spiritual covering of the authority that God has placed in her life.

    And that’s fine, as long as it is only herself she has placed there. Her children–specifically her daughters–might one day wish to be something more than a womb with a view of the kitchen. And it is up to the rest of us that she have that choice as well.

    This serves to protect not oppress. Michelle is willing to trust in God and to place herself under His authority by obeying what He says about her role. It is not difficult or threatening to submit to human authorities that God has placed in her life. The difference of attitude is that Christians believe they belong to God and those who do not believe in God and Jesus’ salvation believe they belong to themselves. This is why these issues cause such confusion. A wife who submits to her husband has entrusted herself to God, who has ultimate control of her husband and her situation. Submission is a gift a wife VOLUNTARILY gives to the husband she has vowed to love in obedience to the Savior she loves. This is true freedom and contentment which is what I saw in Michelle. A Bible verse that speaks about a “virtuous woman” is found in Proverbs 31. At first glance one might think this verse proves that homemakers are an oppressed breed. She does not seek self-fulfillment, she isn’t interested in advancing a career, having her own bank account, or being known for her accomplishments. She seems unconcerned about her own interests and needs, choosing to instead to focus on how she could meet the practical needs of her husband and children, as well as others in her community. I urge you to take a second look at this woman. She and her family have food to eat and enough to share with others (vv. 15,20). She lives a well ordered life; she is emotionally stable and free from fear about the future (vv. 21,25). Her husband is crazy about her-he is faithful to her, he feels she is “one in million” and tells her so, and he brags about her. (vv.11,28-29,31). Her children honor and praise her.(v.28). This does not sound like an oppressed woman to me and seems to define what I saw in Michelle.

    Key words being: what /you/ saw in Michelle. Others may view the situation with different eyes, and are entitled to that opinion, whether it hurts someone’s feelings or not.

  25. Mitsy Says:

    Too many people associate this family’s lifestyle with Bible scriptures that simply make no sense in regards to common sense and responsibility. There are many things in the Bible that, if taken literally, would land us in jail. It is irresponsible to breed mindlessly and then it is even more insulting to others to claim that “God” has allowed this. Give me a isn’t God having sex with’s Jim Bob and he is not willing to trust his sex drive to God now is he? This couple makes me ill and I feel bad for their older kids who should not be forced to raise the younger ones. They are selfish, unrealistic and delusional. They do not deserve praise nor TV specials about them.

  26. Connie Says:

    I have watched the Duggars in the past and cannot believe how she “passes” off each child to the older siblings and has another. I also think that she sits as the queen while her children are doing all the cooking and cleaning. They are her servants and she has trainined them well. It made me think, “Did she have these children to be her slave” or does she truly want to have a big family.

    Personally, I think they are nuts and using the media to pay for everything. Some religious people they appear to be. I also think that they use people as much as they can. Both seem like very persuasive people and appear to not do much but give orders expect people to wait on them.

    Give it a rest and stop having children. We really don’t care. Obviously, they are only on tv so they can get money for all the stuff that they want. It is a joke.

  27. Robert Says:

    As in one of the posts above, I am someone who has “been there”. I grew as up as the second oldest in an eight child, Homeschooled, “sheltered,” conservative Christian family.

    I must say, almost every thing contained in this post is speculation. Of course it is good that all of you are concerned about the Duggar children and are seeking the truth on this matter. But so far, almost all of the statements by both those who love the family and those who find them creepy have been made based on speculation.

    So, in order to provide a little basis for truth for any further discussions here, I will explain a few things about big families like mine and the Duggars.

    First, older siblings (like myself) take great joy in working with our younger brothers and sisters. In the Duggar family, the buddy system assigns partners between older and younger ones. But even in my family, where there was no official buddy system, the older kids naturally pared up with the younger kids.

    Second, any family can be a close family, regardless of size (to a certain extent; 50 or so might be pushing the envelope). My family, with a total of 10, was much closer then most families we met, especially on an intellectual level. I and my siblings (still) regularly hold deep intellectual conversations with each other and our parents. If anything, we always viewed some other kids from some much smaller families as being deprived of parental time.

    Third, big families in the Duggar style are VERY different. We can all agree on that one. But since when has being very different and eccentric amounted to being creepy, selfish, unrealistic, and delusional? I personally would not prefer a homogeneous culture were every one’s families are run according to what is generally considered normal.

    Forth, of course we (children of big families) are not perfect! I am sure that we have as many fights and sibling rivalries as any other family, off of the camera.

    Finally, we are prepared for the real world just as well as any one else. I am currently in attendance at a US federal service academy (USMMA), and am in the top 5% of my class. Nor am I an anomaly among big, homeschooling families.

    There are many other ideas above which I whish I had time to address. However, I have two major tests, a physics lab write up (no small deal at this place), and a homework assignment to do. So I will have to say good by for now.

    Happy bloging to all.

  28. Ruth Says:

    I believe Michelle and Jim Bob have it going on. Anyone who would put them down for what they want in life need to get a life. The fact that they have so many children and seem to be very happy is all that matters and who made you all GOD to say yea or nay. Its their life and if you don’t agree then don’t watch them. Its not like there are not some 100 plus other channels to watch on T.V. I’m facinated at the fact that those kids are so well behaved and so knowledgeable in all they have accomplished. Michelle you go girl. The fact that the older kids help out with the little ones I’m sure its not an absolute must. If they don’t feel like watching the little ones I’m sure all they have to do is say so but the fact that she can run such a neat house and fix meals and keep up with everyday chores and the fact that the kids have chores is outstanding. Builds character. If your parents didn’t make you do chores and teach you good morals then you are the ones that lost out. The home school is a good thing in my books for the simple fact look at ALL the school shootings and kids in trouble. The fact that her kids seem well behaved and mannerly is a miracle in its self. The kids could pretend to be that way for a time but it would show eventually and you could tell if really watched but these kids seem to have it instilled in them. That is a great thing in my books to be able to control such a large brood. I would probably be pulling my hair out if it were me. I have 5 children and 13 grandchildren I’ve helped raise and 1 great grand child and It’s a chore but I love it and wouldn’t give it up for anything. All I can say is my hat is off to Michelle and Jim Bob and God Bless you for your efforts. Keep up the good work. Family helps family and the fact that the older kids help just shows how close they are and I really admire those kids for showing their love of family by helping. We should all be so blessed. Too many kids are so self centered and then when they do grow up some end up selfish and worthless because they have no morals. These kids seem to have what it takes. Great job Kids!!

  29. Alice Says:

    To Ruth,
    Let me tell you something about the precious Duggars that you don’t know. First, Michelle hasn’t bathed her younger children in years. It is all left up to the older children. They have children that have never seen the inside of a grocery store. Everything that you have seen on TV is staged. Big Time.
    Michelle hasn’t cooked a meal in years. Hasn’t cleaned house in years. All she does is try to look norman for the TV camera’s. Get real. This couple is out for the fame and money that they can get. They receive “Love Offering” from all over the country. They have church services in their home when it is to their advantage. They get paid for that.
    He and his mother “Mary” has this all figured out. She is fame hungry and she couldn’t manage this for herself and now she is helping out Jim Bob and Michelle. She calls different TV shows and exploits her grandchildren. This is the Duggar’s way of making a living and providing for the huge family. Fame and Fortune In January, the whole family went to Chicago and taped Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah wined and dined them for one week. You know that had to cost some pretty pennies. As you may have noticed, that show never aired and it never will. Oprah was informed that Josh, the oldest son, had been molesting his sisters. Yes, this is the truth. Oprah turned them over to the Arkansas State Police Child Protection Agency and the Washington County Child Protection Agency. They have been investigated to some length. Jim Bob Duggar told the producers of the show that he built a small church out back for his followers. HIS FOLLOWERS. GET REAL. THE MAN IS A FRAUD. In April, they were in court with their story. They have to report to Arkansas Department of Human Services every six months.. They have lied and lied about their son to protect him at their daughters expense. For some unknown reason the boy is still in the home with the girls. God only know if this is still going on. In my eyes he is a CHILD MOLESTOR. HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE HOME. What kind of parents cover up for one child and hurt the others. I do not believe that this is what God has in mind for them. Frauding the American people and taking their money and living off of it.
    They did not build their home by themselves. They hired it done. The
    Discovery Health Channel and the TLC channel wrote them a check for over $200,000. for the to build the house. Everything inside the house was given to them except the kitchen. They did buy that themselves. The rest is all free. Mary and Josh was on the phone day and night asking for donations from soup to Computers. They also received a Baby Grand Piano from Campbell Soup Co. The trip to California was also provided by the TV Stations. It was mapped out. Mile for Mile. They did not spend a penny of their money. All the groceries and gas and lodging and clothing was paid for in advance. For someone who wants to be famous, why lie about the facts. Seems funny to me. They are professional liers, both of them.. They twist their words to make them look good and and look like devoted parents and a great big happy family. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t believe me, contact the Arkansas State Police Child Protection Agency in Bentonville, Ar. and the Washington County Child Protection Agency in Fayetteville. It will be worth the time and effort to read all about it. There is a lot more that I could go into but I simply do not have that much time. I think that is time the the Duggar’s are stopped. They are pimping out their family for material things to keep them fed and clothed. If they cannot feed and clothe their children, don’t have them.

  30. Robert Says:

    Oprah was informed by whom?

    Who are your sources for this information?

    And if the Arkansas State Police Child Protection Agency in Bentonville, Ar. and the Washington County Child Protection Agency in Fayetteville have been opening up their documents and giving out information to you, then they are violating the Duggar’s privacy rights (unless you have a high level security clearance).

    Have you really seen those records? If yes, how?

    Some of what you say is true, common knowledge, and harmless. The rest of it will remain slander and gossip until you substantiate it with sources. Please do.

  31. Mitsy Says:

    I am certainly no fan of the Duggar family and think their mindless breeding is disgusting, BUT, I would not make statements about any molestation charges unless you know for a fact that the charges are real. I find no info whatsoever to substantiate what you’ve said about Joshua Duggar.

  32. Alice Says:

    People, trust me or not. I know this for a fact. God’s honest truth that the molestation happened. It happened to four of his 5 sisters. The oldest daughter was not touched. The second daughter is the one who caught him doing this. There was no rape involved, but molested. I could go into detail, but I won’t. Of course, you can find nothing about the charges. The Duggar’s want to keep this hid. Wouldn’t you? They wouldn’t have the things that they do if it had gotten out earlier. That’s the way that they make their living and travel at the expenses of others.
    Jim Bob and Michelle are very aware of this happening and have chosen to protect Josh over his sisters. The family is to report to DHS every six months and that the girls are in counciling. This is what the courts ordered. Jim Bob and Michelle both tried to lie their way out of this, but it didn’t happen. Just ask them, but they will just lie about it. They call their son “Precious Josh” and in their eyes he can do nothing wrong. What about the girls? I think that everyone should know about this problem and that the Duggars are frauds. They make the Talk Shows under the impression that they are pure and they receive “Love Offerings” from the viewers. He has got it figured out. How to be famous and make a living for his brood and not have to work to get it.

  33. Robert Says:

    My question was, how do YOU know? Who are your sources?

    “People, trust me or not. I know this for a fact.”


    “God’s honest truth that the molestation happened.”

    OK. God’s honest truth can’t be that hard to back up or prove.

    I have always been very supportive of the Duggar family. If there is fraud, I want to know. Where can I find this information (where did you find it)? How (or where) can I do my own research on the subject?

    I tried to access records on the subject, but found that they were off limits.

    So, (Pardon me if I am getting repetitive) Where did you find this out?

  34. Alice Says:

    Well Robert, like you I was always very supportive of the Duggars. I’ve been in their home. I’ve even gone to church with them. Something just didn’t feel right. For some reason I didn’t trust Jim Bob. Then the truth came out about his son. He is the one that told what happened. Josh got up in front of the church and ask for forgiveness and all that stuff, but he was secretly still up to no good. I really don’t know how long it had been going on before it came out, but even after it did Josh pretented to be this sweet all American boy who loved his family. All the time he was going on Prono sites on the internet and watching all the filth that it has. The temptation was too much and he explored with his sisters.
    I know the person that contacted Oprah and told her that the family is not as pure as they seem. They were taking Oprah, the Discovery Health Channel, TLC Channel and everyone else that they have appeared on for a big ride. They receive money for each show, and if not money they get something out of it. Jim Bob has made the statement that is the way that he has to provide for his family. Don’t you think that is being a fraud? If not, please explain what is the difference. They know that when they go on the shows that they lie and the more the exposure they have the more money that comes in to him. It was Oprah’s decision the turn them over the the authorties. Oprah is not the only one that has turned them in for child abuse. Of course you can’t find any records on this. It is all sealed behind closed doors. The truth needs to be told and I have made it my mission to stop this from happening. They are frauds and living off of the good graces of other people. I’ve watch them on the Montel Williams show and I wanted to throw up. It made me sick inside to know what I know and to watch them get in front of a TV camera and lie.

  35. Robert Says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

  36. Alice Says:

    The Duggars do annoy me more than other quiver full families. Probably because they are pimping their lifestyle on TV for money and publicity. It bugs me. I admit it fully. Especially when you throw in their tax-exempt status. (I really do need to start worshiping Mighty Mouse and form my own home-based church so I too, can enjoy this little benefit) It just sickens me. They pimp themselves to a world that they don’t even approve of. How much more hypocritical can someone get?

    I don’t have a problem with the stereotypical gender roles that they adhere to. I don’t even have a problem with the Little House on the Prairie wardrobe. I have a problem with a group of hypocrites who are pimping themselves on national TV…not only for the money because it is individual people’s choice to watch the show or not, and if people don’t want to watch, then they wouldn’t be on, but also the whole political aspirations of Jim Bob being furthered by this. So, it’s okay to appeal to the outside world of which they don’t approve, as long as it furthers their crazy aspirations? Either stick to the lifestyle and live it, or admit that they are a bunch of hypocrites. Other quiver full families don’t attempt to mainstream themselves. They know it’s their personal choice, don’t seek public approval, and just continue on.

    And I really have a problem with children raising children and taking care of the household, while mom sits on her tush cranking out the next one. I get no impression that Michelle is a hands on mother after those children hit 3mos. old. Once they hit that age she hands them off and starts working on the next one. It’s sick. The human body wasn’t made to handle it either. She’ll be dead by the time she’s 50, and her uterus will be gone long before then. It isn’t healthy, nor something to aspire to.

  37. Alice Says:

    Hey another Alice. Alice #1 agrees with Alice #2. Way to put it out there Alice. I couldn’t have said it better my self.

  38. Robert Says:


    Pardon my asking, but what exactly did the oldest Duggar child say/admit to in church?

    I don’t know all of the details about the family, but I thought that they worship at home.

  39. chloe Says:

    I agree with the above post and also have thought it to be hypocritical to say your family doesn’t watch television, but then you allow your family to be filmed for television.

  40. Alice Says:


  41. Robert Says:


    While you were at their home/church, he asked for forgiveness, specifically mentioning the nature of his wrongs (Pornography and Molestation)?

  42. Alice Says:

    Robert, I think that I have been very honest with you. If you doubt all of this, call Jim Bob and ask him about it. First it was the pornography that he asked forgiveness for and later the rest came out..Not in church, but to some of the church members. Use your own judgement on this matter. I know what the truth is and that’s all I’m gonna say about it. I’m sure you have the Duggar’s phone number, if not it is listed in the book.

  43. Robert Says:

    I am sorry for being cautious, and I mean nothing personal by it. Caution is just the best way to approach such a situation.

    I also realize that you probably don’t want to give out any names.

    I will probably continue to investigate.

  44. Alice Says:

    Chloe, it’s all for the benefits that come with the programs. They spent over a week in Chicage visiting the sites on Oprah’s dime. That’s how they afford what they have. All given to them.

  45. chloe Says:

    I’ve also thought of Jim Bob as a con artist. He acts like the family is so religious, yet you hear nothing of them doing any charity work or helping others. It does seem he is rather greedy. I think a lot of other people would be debt free if they never had to pay for anything.

  46. Alice Says:

    Chloe, AMEN You have him figured out to the tea.

  47. RoseRed Says:

    The real issue here is not how they dress their children, how long their hair is or how well off they are financially.

    Do these people not realize that this planet is bursting at the seams already?
    Does their religion allow them to disregard irrefutable facts?

    Under the current rate of consumption of natural resources we are already doomed to consume the current resources available under the current population.
    That will only happen faster with increased population.
    Imagine if everyone decided to have 17 children. If you did the math, that would explode our population to unmanagable numbers and be devistating to our planet.

    There are things we could do right now to manage our resources, but those things wont happen in time for it to make a significant impact.

    I don’t care what god/gods you answer to…this kind of blatant irresponsibility is unacceptable.

  48. Sandy Says:

    Since when is it anyone’s business how many children a family has. If we are going to put limits on basic human rights, then we should start violating anyone’s rights who has over two children. You people should find something better to complain about instead of a seemingly happy family. There are millions of people dieing of aids and starvation in Africa, did you ever think that maybe the Duggars are trying to make up for that. Or maybe they are making up for 16 families in the United States that only have one child. If we are going to say that we should put limits than we are violating an American Principal of FREEDOM. I know that not everyone feels this way, and everyone is not so upset about the Duggars, but some of you are. So my message is that we should not try to judge a family off of what we see on TLC, and if you want to live somewhere where you can’t have more than one kid, move to China…

  49. Ez dog Says:

    Yo girl, you gota do more than throw around some talken’ points.

    Lay down some facts, and I’ll be happy.

  50. Sandy Says:

    I believe that we should be complaining about more important issues, but since we are focused on this I have my opinion. Let these people do what they want. Maybe they have a good reason for having this many children. Maybe they are making up for the millions of people dieing of Aids in Africa. Maybe they feel like having a large family in America is not that big of a threat compared to having a large family in any other nation. I’m not talking specifically about the Duggars but more generally, concerning anyone who has more than two children, and I have facts for you . Nearly twenty percent of families have more than two children in the U.S., but this doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem because the average family in the United States has only two. Also the U.S. only has 4.5 percent of the world’s population (301,139,947), India having 17% (1,129,866,154) and China having 20%(1,321,851,888). So even if the United states killed every one of it’s citizens, there would still be 6,301,084,228 people left on earth. That’s a drop in the bucket if you ask me. Also for those who think I’m just playing the starving-kids-in-Africa-card, here are some hard facts about that. Ninety percent of all HIV/Aids cases are in Africa, this mean that 24.7 million people are currently living with aids in Africa and 2.1 million have already died. So those are my facts, you can check them if you like, but I warn you I had to do a little bit of math to figure it out. So I stand by what I said in the previous post, if you want to live in a country that prohibits having more than 1 child move to China, and live there with one fifth of the world’s population and 7.8 million cases of aids.

  51. Jay Maynard Says:

    I have been reading the posts with interest – I’ve seen both of the shows on TLC. I’m a very religious person but I have to say I agree with some of the posters on here. These people are creepy. I grew up the youngest of 8 and I know what it’s like to have to wait in line for attention from your parents. I was so glad when my older siblings were all grown and gone.I actually got to have a conversation with my parents. I have concerns about the older Duggar children raising their siblings. There’s no way these parents can spend some good quality time with each and every one of their children. No way. Children are indeed gifts from God but these people don’t seem to treat them as such. It seems to be all about the older kids doing the chores and housework and looking after the smaller kids. Ridiculous.Mom can’t or doesn’t step in and take her role as woman of the house because she’s pregnant all the time. Just because we CAN have children doesn’t mean we HAVE to have children. These folks seem to think it’s their job and theirs alone to keep the USA populated.

    There’s also a concern on my part about how these children will be able to face the real world when it comes that time in their lives. The isolation and legalism are not good. Jesus told His disciples that they’d be in the world but not of the world. Unfortunately too many uber-religious people seem to think that they can keep their children and raise them within the four walls of the church and that’s good enough. Sorry!! Raise them to know that there’s a big world out there that they’re going to have to face one day and spend some good quality time with them and teach them how to make wise decisions. I don’t know how the Duggars will manage this since the upbringing of the younger ones is left to their siblings who are also children. My goodness.

    These folks need to be practicing some self control.

  52. Ez dog Says:

    Hey, I don’t know much about the Duggers, but I come from a family of 8 and the older siblings share a lot of the responsibility.

    I just thought I would write this post so that you all don’t lose any sleep for the Duggar children. We were also homeschooled in a similar fashion, and so far we haven’t had any problems adjusting to the “real world”.

  53. MONICA Says:

    I have read all of these comments. I am a very conservative christ follower and believe that we were not made to judge others. I have heard the opinions of others on this blog and yet you are not living their life. Do not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. They are doing what feels right for their family. Jim Bob is the man or the head of the household. He is the spiritual leader in his house and if he is doing wrong then it will be God that he has to answer to, not us. I believe in large families and in the quiverfull movement. If you look in the bible God did not decide to open Sarah’s womb until she was 90 years old (Genesis 17:17). And when he did he gave them only one child together, Issac. Ishmael was from Sarah’s servant girl, Hagar. Issac and Rebekah had 2 children. Jacob and Leah had 7 children. Jacob and Rachel had 2 children. Mary and Joseph had 7 children. No child in this world is here because he/she was not planned by God. However, human “intelligence” most of the time interfere with God’s plans for children (ie. abortion and contraception-basically the same thing). So my question is….Is it that you are knocking the belief because it is different than your own or because you all have nothing better to do than to sit on judgement on others?
    Last issue is that feminist’s really need to remember their place and where their duties lie. It is great that you want all of these things but because of the modern female view, society has made it to where a womans natural duties are frowned upon. But, do not try to push your views on us. Women like myself and Michelle Duggar and countless others who want to hold to more traditional values are criticized for our belief. You have your beliefs and so do we.

  54. VS Says:

    The concept of “giving the womb to God”:
    a. Isn’t “demeaning” to women if you trust that God is FOR you and is a good, not a capricious, God;
    b. Doesn’t mean you need to follow the quiver full lifestyle.

    We practice the Fertility Awareness Method, which gives one an amazing amount of control and autonomy over one’s body (and the married couple’s “body” as a collective–that is something important).

    Would I choose their lifestyle? No way. But I did find a lot to learn from. I only have two kids (one more max), and their organizational abilities were pretty incredible. I am a Christian through and through–not a Republican, not a “Young Earth” person–and while I would definitely (and do) run my household quite differently, I think one can’t paint us all with a broad brush. We try to be very much involved with the real world while at the same time giving our kids a fair and stable internal family life. I answer all questions without fear and age-appropriately. i have no choice considering our line of work (we are indie rockers). I think the bottom line is to not live in fear of the world. And we can’t *really* see into the hearts of the Duggars to judge them and the values they are instilling on a daily basis. There’s no WAY you could glean that from these TLC specials. I’m going to choose to call them my brothers and sisters and pray that their lives are beautiful for the loving God who created them.

    As an apprentice midwife, I am truly fascinated by her obstetrical history…my goodness…that would be worth a visit in itself…

  55. marie Says:

    comments on the duggers. my goodness, they look so so phoney, all polite, dressed like they are living in the 18th century, mom teaches them at home, no socialization, just the 16 brothers and sisters. { this makes for incest } the mother should be ashamed of herself. has all those kids, makes the older ones take care of the younger ones, which is very unfair. all of the kids are being groomed on having kid after kid after kid. no fun in life, wake up it is 2007. when will these kids ever have a normal life. all siblings argue and fight with each other, this is normal. all the mom does is lay in bed and gets pregnant. she is a nymphomaniac and her husband a sex addict. they are 2 sick people. get him castrated or have the uterus cut out. bring those kids to the city and they will go wild. absolutely wild, probably start doing drugs, smoking, drinking and party out for the rest of their lives. i feel sorry for all of them they remind me of zombies. the mother would of make one hell of a lady of the nite as she likes sex so much and that is how she comes across, a sex wanton woman. also cut that hair off, my goodness think if they ever got bugs in their hair, yuk, infestation. there is no way that man can afford all those kids, but they come out on tv so they can get money and depend on others to help out with all that food. get out of here. let those kids live their own life. and mom, quit f——. take care of your own kids you know you can’t do it all by yourself so don’t force the older ones to take care of the younger brats. take care of them YOURSELF, you bore them not your children.

  56. Mary Lou Says:

    the duggar family, “creepy”? i think not! have you stopped and looked around you? our youth are going to hell with themselves! gangs, gothics, prostitution, drugs, dropping out of school, teenage pregnancies (that 9 times out of 10 mother and child rely on the welfare system), latch key, etc…….with society detiriorating the way that it is, and people, as a whole, just accepting what is happening around them, it’s no wonder that this family seems strange. if a group of kids walk by you and they have spiked hair, black clothing with chains dripping of them, white faced and black lips and piercings all over them, you may glance and shrug your shoulders. but if the duggars would be walking through the mall everyone would probably stop in their tracks! why, because they are adorable, well groomed and polite? please people, give credit where credit is due! to my knowledge, jim-bob and michelle love eachother and their children, are responsible with their finances (they have not been on any type of public assistance), take care of their own business,and love God and country. there are people that have 1 or 2 children and can’t take care of them! i think that the duggars are a breath of fresh air. i look forward to following their family through the years. God bless us everyone! :)

  57. gstrizzle Says:

    I agree with all the creepy comments above. There are so many things wrong with that family, it makes me insane. But here’s a new thought–why is it that every family member’s name starts with “J” except for, arguably, the one most important Duggar to the continued baby-making-Michelle! Talk about sexist. If I had to pop out 16 kids, you’d better believe half would have names that start with my first initial…then again, I think naming your children to all begin with the same letter is asinine…so I guess I wouldn’t.

  58. Mike Rickert Says:

    I’m madly in love with Joshua Duggar. I hope he is gay like me. He is one HOT guy. I would love to have sex with him.

  59. Ez dog Says:

    Yo, Mike, stop crashing the party!

    Hey, gstrizzle, stop nit-picking!

    Every body, wake up! Old fashion does not mean bad. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

    Oh, and Marie, you’re not helping your cause by using the f word!

  60. Liza Says:

    so, Alice…
    you keep changing your story! First you said Joshua admitted everything in church, then you were reminded they have church at home, then you said he just admitted to pornography, (but didn’t somebody say they don’t have internet?), then “it’s the God honest truth!” but you of course heard it second hand from someone else who you won’t name and of course is totally to be trusted, right? Do you get the reason why nobody really wants to believe you? It reminds me of John said Joe said Jeremy said Julie said she like you…from grade school!
    Sorry, will have to see or hear real proof before I believe your “truths.”

  61. Robert Says:

    And I’m sorry, but besides a personal intervew with the Duggers, we have no way to check your story. I’ve already tried.

  62. Mike Rickert Says:

    and I have the SOLE RIGHT to say what I please to say. So EZ you have NO RIGHT to tell me or anyone else in the group what say or do.

  63. EZ dog Says:

    Hey, hey. Just Chill. Oops, my bad. I just told you to chill. Not my place. Sorry.

  64. EZ dog Says:


  65. EZ dog Says:

    You have the right to say what you want, but I don’t?

    I’m confused.

  66. Robert Says:

    Are you drunk?

  67. marie Says:

    EZ-Dog, yes i came across real heavy and regret using that horrible word,sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone. just relaying how i feel about that family. too too many children but it is their right to have as many children as they want no matter if i disagree with them. also, so long as i don’t have to use my taz money to help support them. from what i understand, they don’t. so i wish them well, no matter how i feel about it.

  68. marie Says:

    EZ-Dog, yes i came across real heavy and regret using that horrible word,sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone. just relaying how i feel about that family. too too many children but it is their right to have as many children as they want no matter if i disagree with them. also, so long as i don’t have to use my taz money to help support them. from what i understand, they don’t. so i wish them well, no matter how i feel about it.

  69. Steve Says:

    The parents have quite a scam going. What’s especially offensive about this couple is that they appear to use their kids as marketing tools for the financial planning seminars and to solicit free everything from anyone who will give them things. The kids seem warm and loving, yet the parents come across as distant, Stepfordish automatans. And, as some earlier bloggers noted, it seems like such a self-centered pursuit in a world that is already overpopulated. Wouldn’t it have been better to have adopted?

  70. Patchy Says:

    How the HELL can they afford to build that huge house in 3 years, get all the extra help they need, buy all those furniture, raise 16 children, plus all the other expenses such as water and electricity, without going in debt?!??! It sure doesn’t seem like they’re dog gone rich.

    AND WHY does she want to have soo many kids??!? Someone needs a vasectomy. I know people like big families, but this is too much.

  71. Lenore Says:

    but didn’t somebody say they don’t have internet?),

    They do have the Internet, and even a television (believe it or not), that isn’t used very much.

    Also, I think Alice’s reference to “church” was their church at home, not an actual building.

  72. pk6683 Says:

    This is not something that I would normally do, but I feel compelled to take up for Josh just a little. Don’t get me wrong, if he did this (and that’s a BIG IF, because I can’t find any info to back up these allegations, either), then he needs to be punished. I do not condone pornography and I CERTAINLY don’t condone child molestation. With that said, I can relate to the kind of life that this boy has led, and I feel sorry for him for that. I grew up in a strctly religious, large family. I am the oldest. I had expectations put on me that no kid should ever be expected to live up to. My father was a minister and very strict. I got interested in the Duggars to begin with because there were so many similarities between our families. Preacher’s kids are judged more quickly and often times more harshly than others. They live in “glass houses” and it’s not always fair to them. I know Jim Bob is not a minister, but he has subjected all of his children to this kind of judgement now by letting the media take over their lives. Churches and communities around them are usually full of cackling old hens (like Alice) that can’t wait for the kids to mess up so they can be the first to rip them into shreds. IF Josh has or has had a problem, it should be his to deal with, not ours. IF he violated any of his siblings, then yes, he should pay. There is no excuse for that! As far as the porn, let’s be honest. If we all had our dirty laundry spread all over the internet, it wouldn’t all fit!! The ONLY difference is that this kid has parents that have allowed him to be put into a position of public humiliation. I would be lying if I said that I never checked out porn as an adolescent. I did! As did most of my friends at the time. I am a Christian now and have asked forgiveness from God, but I don’t have to ask for it from the general public and neither should Josh. I guess what I’m saying is that if you want to criticize the parents, go ahead, they have asked for it. The kids are just along for the ride. They are going to mess up just like WE ALL did growing up. Don’t come on the internet and put their heads on a chopping block. I PROMISE YOU they get that enough. Josh, if you happen to read any of this, hang in there, pal!! Life gets better when you move away from home!!

  73. Linda Says:

    If the Duggars don’t have the internet then explain to me how they maintain their webpage?

  74. Dee Says:

    Guess Alice couldn’t provide the facts.

  75. Starlightdreamer Says:

    Food for thought:

    concernedmom (concernedmom)
    New member
    Username: concernedmom

    Post Number: 1
    Registered: 4-2005
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    Posted on Monday, April 04, 2005 – 2:41 pm: Edit Post Delete Post Print Post Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

    WOW! andyman! You are right on with all you say. I have attended a couple of basic seminars when I was a teen and young adult(somewhat awhile back). Like you stated previously, I took what seemed to be the good stuff and left the goofy. Then, about 6 years ago, I met my now best friend. Her husband was very interested in IBLP and ATI. They learned about it through a home church here in our area. The families mostly belong to ATI, some since the very beginnings of ATI. A few of the families actually see ATI as to liberal for them, are you getting the picture. I was actually excited the first year that this family went to the ATI conference and came back with their first set of Wisdom Booklets. They shared them with us as we are both long time homeschool families. But as I started reading through and preparing to teach my children, I found some things that disturbed me and gave them back. Around the same time, my husband and I attended this home church. It seemed so perfect with all of the bright eyed, well behaved children and the friendliest people I have ever met. My husband is the one who had the red flags blarring, so he told me to take a couple of weeks and really look at Gothard’s teachings, which are taught in the church through video and other means. What great wisdom on his part, I found more than enough to warrant my own red flags, but we still really admired two of the families inparticular. We had seem them occasionally over the next few years at some social events and even helped with political campaigns. Here is where things get interesting. These ATI families hold high state offices and have run for high federal offices, also. These are not sit in the corner type people. They are seperatists though. A few years ago, unknown to my best friend, now out of ATI but still paricipating in the home church, the men of the church were meeting after church to discuss my friends teenage daughters apparel. They felt like their blouses were to tight and they should bind their chest up more, go figure. At the same time the son of one of these political men was touching one of my friends teenage daughters in a sexual way as she slept. This was found out and apologies were made although the boy was tempted by the girls tight blouses(lol). The boy was sent to one of the training centers to be punished??? My friends did not return to the home church for quite sometime after this. At this same time, the boy mentioned earlier was betrothed to a girl in the the group, both were 14 at the time. The betrothal was broken by the boys actions. Then about a year later, my friend decided to go back to the home church and see everyone again. She was appalled at what went on at that particular meeting. An eight year old girl was made by her parents to stand in front of the group and confess the sin of masturbation and ask for punishment(to cleanse her) and forgiveness. My first thought was that this girl had to have been abused if she was truly masturbating, but with the power of these families, what can you do. Just this last year the family of the young man mentioned before was highlighted on the Discovery Channel, at the time they had 14 children and were about to have another and the mom was receiving a mother of the year award from our governor. Since that time the same boy was betrothed again to the same girl. He was working very hard on a campaingn for U.S. Senate for the girls father. The father lost the campaign. He immediately began looking for “sin in the camp”, as that could be the only explanation for the loss. He found that the young man betrothed to his daughter, had committed sexual sins(?) while on the campaign trail. The young man, now 16, was made to stand in fornt of the church and confess his sin. He was then told that the campaign was lost due to his sin. The weight of the world on this poor boys shoulders. I do not know what punishment the church gave but I do know that it was harsh enough for his mother to seek advise outside of the “group”, but she did eventually give in to her husband and the group. The young man and young girls betrothal is now broken. I am I nuts to see this as abuse? And what do you think can be done? I think if DHS were called they would go and see a happy family who call the governor friend not just aquaintance. I know this post is long, but I tried to include the really important stuff as there is so much more that can be told.

    Direct link (you have to scroll down to April):

  76. Shavonda Bennett Says:

    Hello Duggers I have watched every show you have done. You have beautiful family.

    Siteowner says:

    Just so you know, this isn’t the Duggars blog. And I don’t think they’ve read this, much less the comments. Though if they had I’d be terribly curious what their take is.

    Brad and I have a family of 5. 2 parents and 3 boys. We are a Christian family and I think god for you teaching all of your kids the values of life. I have recored every show and I watch them often for inspiration about raiseing children. Michelle you are a very nice and a good mother. I hope that I can use of your systems with my boys. Sometimes me and my husband get over baren but I just take a deep breath and your family comes to mind. Jimbob and you are just wonderful people and you have 17 wonderful little ones that has some of Jimbob and you Michelle. Our oldest is 10 he is Jessie our 2nd one is 5 he is Jacob our 3rd one is 4 and he is Jeremiah and has red hair thanks to my mother. But as I finish this comment Thank God for you and your family I think that all those souls that the two of you have they have been blessed with from God.God blessed you with 17.

  77. e-doc Says:

    Noticed the Duggers have had another child. I personally think the family is too big, but that OMO. The only statement that really got my gall was that the parents would keep having children as long as the Lord blessed them. I personally find this to be a copout. God has allowed Dr to heal, computers to be developed and Trojan to make condoms. I think the parents have issues and may need counseling.

  78. Patricia Says:

    Gosh. I just watched the oldest son get engaged and it’s so painful to watch the couple together. They didn’t even feel comfortable to KISS. All they do is hold hands and they constantly do so. There was something so contrived about the whole segment. And the chaperoning. Why do they need a chaperon if they both agree to remain “pure” (personally, I resent that word as an equation to “virgin”)?

  79. mora carley Says:

    i almost want to laugh at these responses. Let’s put the average american family on TV and disect them. 13 year old son, alone after school experimenting with pot and porn, teenage daughter watching Hannah Montana wondering what it’s like to sleep with a boy, might give it a try. They ‘re parents are in debt up to their ears and spend hardly any time with the kids, or more normal, divorced. So kids seem them on wkds as they navigate their parents emotional stress. OHHHHHHHH, i’m sorry, that would be so healthy and more acceptable (sarcasm). So here we have an independantly wealthy family filled with love Joy and peace and they disturb you????? I think like anyone else Michelle can have a strained smile every once in a while don’t you?? You are all just jealous. You wish you belonged somewhere, probably always have, and you see something in this family not disturbing, but captivating. Acceptance love and peace. Hypocrites, all of you. Perhaps you can learn a thing or 2 from this wonderful example of a great loving household. One honest enough to post there real PHONE # (brave) and address on their website.

    site owner says:
    That’s not cause they’re honest. That’s cause they’re stupid. Also, how could they shill themselves out to commercial America if commercial America can’t give ’em a ring?

    Also, your “average American family” is what folks in intellectual discourse circles call a “straw man.” Get a grip.

  80. brian Says:

    Wow. OK, 1) I agree with everything the site owner has said in this thread, which, trust me, is a rarity. 2) Based on at least my own home environment and upbringing, I find myself wondering why some folks who’ve replied aren’t enjoying the taste of their own socks for several reasons. Please consider that others (even those with viewpoints you consider both “liberal” and “immoral”) might simultaneously understand what fundamentalist childraising is like firsthand, and that promoting yourself as great and loving comes with great responsibility to be loving. Love does not include sniping like “Hypocrites, all of you.” directed at site owners who allow you to exercise free speech on their site, nor calling someone a coward for not subjecting themselves to your verbal abuse over dinner. Part of free speech is deciding for one’s self what to say, and exercising the restraint one sees fit. Many of us like it a lot. Apparently everyone here agrees, given the complete lack of telephone numbers in replies to this thread. It’s why we’re on the internet, rather than pimping our families out on national tv.

    I might suggest a more measured approach when dealing with those whom you enter into verbal debate with. Consider that prolonged intense emotion is the common reason that recreational drugs are considered harmful, in the first place. Then consider your comments about everyone but yourself being a hypocrite. Then consider breaking your CAPS LOCK KEY.

  81. mora carley Says:

    i found your comment terribly entertaining. Love and truth are tough to swallow brother. Consider the brutal attitudes made toward this family. It’s a gooooood thing to stand up for what is right. Your response so loving as well, i might add, suggesting drug use, cracks me up. Very much contradicting your point. But back to this wonderful family, i think they are a wonderful family. Wonderful, just can’t say enough about good TV. It’s nice to have something to relax to at night and enjoy.

  82. brian Says:

    I said a bit more than that… and I’m not going to repeat myself like a cartoon on permanent rerun.

  83. brian Says:

    Also, I never claimed to be “loving”, or “great”, or claim anyone else who held similar opinions fit either of those criteria. That’s a distinction which, hopefully, many have already realized. People are people, they don’t embody attributes like “good” or “bad”, they simply act in ways which might be harmful or beneficially, and it’s usually a mixed bag.

    Makes it rather hard to judge people.

  84. Ashley Says:

    I would just like to say in a lot of ways these people make me sick, as a woman in her early 20’s having a hard time having one, lost one haven’t been pregnant since. It’s hard too see people who have no self control and I have other terms in mind that I won’t use, not be able to have children, what kind of life do these kids have, not a good one all they do is get shoved off so the next one can come in but hey with parents who can’t keep their hands to them selves maybe they don’t mind getting lost in the shuffle. All I have to say is why give them a show, no one wants to see that, and they are getting paid who knows how much for it too, it makes me sick!

  85. Gina Says:

    I am going to set aside my religious beliefs and my fear that the Duggar’s may be building their own Christian army to try and evangelize all of us who are too secular. Instead of focusing on these obvious issues, I will confront the very real environmental harm of having such a large family. From their own website, the estimated amount of diapers used is 90,000. They also do 200 loads of laundry a month. Disposable diapers are one of the least bio-degradable products in existence. Now, I am not condemning anyone who uses them; I am just stating the facts. I am going on a hunch that the Duggars do not spend their money on green cleaning products, so the 200 loads of laundry are releasing god only knows how many chemicals. Now to address the assertion that the United States is not reproducing at a quick enough rate: This problem is more likely in Europe and Japan where fertility rates are leading to negative population growth; however, the United States, where the Duggars live, is the only industrialized nation still growing, which is leading to vanishing open spaces, soil erosion, and water and energy shortages; so while the Duggars may be able to pay their bills, they are using scarce resources and contributing more pollution. One way that overpopulation can be countered- (and overpopulation is in fact the case in our country and the world)-is for families to stop at two children. This would greatly reduce the population problem. Now, I am not aiming this at the families who have three children, four children, or even a couple more. I am DEFINATELY not aiming this at any family with many children who they have adopted, fostered, etc. But 18 biological children is greedy. If this family feels that they are called to raise god’s children, why can’t they help the millions of children throughout the world who are already here and need a home? My last issue with the Duggar family is one concerning their “buddy system” and the building of their house. In my field of social services, we call the duties the older children have in taking care of the younger children “parentification.” And the episode in which the young children all had their own personalized electric drills was not amusing. I would not let my young child use an electric drill if I was able to be towering over him while he used it. I cannot imagine that with eighteen children that the younger ones were incredibly monitored while operating dangerous machinery.

    So in conclusion, my main concern is that people are not understanding that just because the Duggars do not live off welfare does not mean they are not an example of extreme environmental negligence. My final word to all the supporters of the Duggar family: Josh (20) and John David (18) are currently running their own car store. Josh’s profile says he wants to be an attorney. Is he enrolled in college in addition to running his own business and being given his parent’s blessing to go forth and multiply? Can one go to school while raising a family and working a full time job? Sure, but do good parents encourage their children to pursue that type of lifestyle? I think not.

  86. Cynthia Says:

    I love a huge, big family…and after having 3 children…but leaving my options open, I decided at 45 that, even though I would love more children, I want the BEST that I can… give them in “incubation” and my physical time. I don’t believe that young children should take care of their baby siblings. This is such a growing time, and I realize that their selfishness is a big part of finding their own selves.
    Therefore, I would like to say that I am extremely disappointed in your research/ broadcast of the Duggar family. You are paying them to exploit their children, and to have more children. I believe in children being “accountable”, but not at such a young age. It is basically “child abuse” where you expect older siblings to take care of their mother and their siblings. Yeah…they are taking care of their mother, and have HUGE responsibilities in the home… unless you are promising a nanny per every 2 children.
    I have a mother who “supposedly” had a heart attack when I was 10. I had a sibling 10 months younger, another 3 years younger, and my only brother at 9 years younger. It’s not always as it seemd to be.
    Please don’t scar these children any more by paying their parents to have more children. If you want to pay a mother to have more…come here! I hate empty nesting!!!
    We just finished this past semester with 3 children in college. My eldest, Josh, just graduated with his civil engineering degree. He accepted a job offer before he learned of making the Dean’s list and passing the board .
    Then we have my middle child……received her AA degree, was accepted to FSU for the 4th time due to grades….but hates school.
    Then we have our baby, who graduated Summa Cum Laude last spring from Chile HS. She made the FSU Majorette squad, is in the Honors program…where she just learned that she made the Deans list. She would like her “wings”as a Victoria Secret’s model…possible fall-back as a Vet.

    REWARD PEOPLE WHO HAVE WORTH….and are not just abusing a mother, but also her children. This is ridiculous. Come see a REAL family!

  87. 2themax Says:

    The Duggar family is a part of a religious organization that supports no birth control, arranged marriages, no debt, no public education, no tv, no pants on women, etc. Women are to obey their husbands at all times. LOOK UP THE NAME BILL GOTHARD on the internet and you’ll know exactly what they believe because his teachings are the teachings they follow to a t. Bill Gothard runs a fake college/institute/cult where these kids go for proper schoolin’. If you read the oldest sons new blog about how he and his wife developed a ‘courtship’ you’ll see the twisted version of this religion. There is a lot of abuse coming from within this group. This family is a Christian fundamentalist family- similar to the FLDS- although they aren’t polygamists. Everyone who is positive about this family is probably a part of this organization. That’s the way things work. But, ultimately the public has to make up their mind and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

  88. Christine Says:

    Can’t help put wonder if the Duggars would have that TV show and all those endorsements and handouts if they were Muslim, or Hispanic, or especially if they were black.

  89. felicia Says:

    true that chrisine. in all honesty, i think something is off about the duggars and its only a matter of time before the real world gets a wind of it.

  90. scout Says:

    The Duggar parents are glorified (on TLC) for having an exorbitant number of children.

    Why should people look up to them for having so many children and why are they being rewarded for it???

    All that they’re doing is overpopulating an already overcrowded world with limited resources. By the year 2050, the earth’s population is estimated to reach 9 billion people. That’s almost maximum capacity for this planet and its resources.

    Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are so selfish and irresponsible. If they want a lot of children, why don’t they adopt some of the million or so orphans in this country and around the world???? The reason is because Michelle and Jim Bob think that by having so many of their own children, that they’ll get the attention and adoration that they so want.

    They call themselves good “Christians”. Shouldn’t good and kind hearted Christians be trying to help others living in this world rather than making carbon copies of themselves???

  91. jordy Says:

    watch the duggers sometimes. what I can’t understand is how they can justify buying that huge mortor home, and can afford to go skydiving, trips all over the country,beautiful home, but can’t afford to buy their kids a new and decent pair of shoes once in awhile. I know they make enough money off their show and recieve lots of freebies and gifts from folks all over the country.I guess the family is just waiting for payless shoe store to come a knockin at their door!

  92. mother of her sibs Says:

    Children should not be responsible for raising their siblings- I had to feed, bathe, and clothe my siblings when I was just a child myself-not only did I lose my childhood, I came to resent my sibs. It has comprimised our relationships even as adults.How nice for Michelle to be making chore charts while an 8 year old is feeding an 18 month old.

  93. mother of her sibs Says:

    Children should not be responsible for raising their siblings- I had to feed, bathe, and clothe my siblings when I was just a child myself-not only did I lose my childhood, I came to resent my sibs. It has comprimised our relationships even as adults.How nice for Michelle to be making chore charts while an 8 year old is feeding an 18 month old.

  94. LILD Says:

    I watch the Duggers show for entertainment value. If everyone believes everything that goes on there, I feel sorry for you. The biggest kick I’ve got out of your blog siteowner, is the holier than thou so called “ELDER SIBLINGS”, crying about looking after younger ones. Well I am the youngest of 5. My elder sibs looked after me only when they wanted to.. But! When they had kids of their own, they always were ponded off on me to babysit for nothing while they ran the roads and even went on vacations. I was only 7 when my eldest nephew came along. I was expected to look after him everyday I had off school or after school. He could do anything he wanted to me (I’m just a short person, by time he was 7 he was nearly as big as me),anyway, I was not allowed to disapline him in anyway. The next bunch of nieces and nephews were worst then the 1st. If I even yelled at those kids not only would my sibs tune me, but so would my mother. “Nannys Little Darlings”, yuk! I left home before I was 16 to get away from it. Those kids still don’t like me any better then I do them. I think that it is all my brothers and sisters fault. The kids and I might have been friends if their parents who gave birth to them would have made them treat me as their aunt and not their whipping boy. I’m married with grown children and a grandmother. I love them all dearly and my husband of 34 years. My kids never and still don’t have to, look after each others kids for each other unless they want to! Like or don’t like the Duggers, who cares? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. As for Alice says re: Josh Dugger, I saw something about that, but it was on TMZ tv. Now who in their right mind believes everything on that show from Star? I watch it sometimes too, but, FOR ENTERTAINMENT! Get Real!

  95. LILD Says:

    Why is that still up there? You said my mail would not be published. Have photo copied it. Get it off!

  96. A.Roddy Says:

    If they are true Christian they follow God and not some whackjob. It is very easy to put on in front of cameras. I take the Gosselins At least you saw her cook. If you wont beleive how twisted the belief system is fine. THat is how cult leaders draw in members , from gullable people like on here. People need to google Gothard and see what I mean some poster tried to do. This guy beleives cabbage patch dolls are sinful. You can raise good children without cutting them off from culture and dressing them like 18th century.

  97. BJ Says:

    IN THERE OWN ????????????????????

  98. BJ Says:

    : Luke 6:41-42 = Matt 7:3-5

    6:41 Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? 6:42 Or how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Friend, let me take out the speck in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.
    = Matt 7:3-5
    7:3 Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? 7:4 Or how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while the log is in your own eye? 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye

    I can’t believe you all spend so much time digging up dirt on this family or that
    person. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.
    Does anyone agree with me …. Haven’t you all got better things to do !!

  99. PEACE Says:

    Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!
    and Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone

    Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.


  100. Mary M Says:

    Wow, there are a LOT of differing opinions here. Before I continue, I just want to say that I believe that everyone is entitled to their own lifestyles (i.e. the Duggars) and their own opinions (including those of individuals on this board), (that is why I am proud to be living in this country). I also enjoy watching the Duggars’ television shows. HOWEVER!!!! I find many many many things about the Duggars disturbing. The fact that they can afford a huge house, buses, vacations, generally nice cars, etc., but they cannot spend money on [new] clothing? (Sure, maybe they are saving money where they can, but…really?) How about Josh and Anna’s engagement? No kissing until their wedding day, chaperones whenever and wherever they go together…(I’m hoping that John David breaks out of the creepy courtship deals and gets a girl knocked up ;) [not really]).
    Children watching -no, taking care of- children: I would have resented that beyond belief had I been made to take responsibility for my sibling. And not just that but basically all of the household chores (for the girls at least). Homeschooling doesn’t seem like a bad thing at first, and then i realize who we are talking about: an ultra conservative family focused on ensuring that their children don’t learn about science or play house with the other children on the playground at recess. Good for Josh and John David for starting up a business at the ages of 19 and 18 respectively, but what about a higher education? Josh wants to be a lawyer? Good for him! (Does he realize that he might have to represent rapists, murderers, robbers and drug dealers- “sinners”?) Psh. Good luck! (And good luck affording 7 years of college/law school following after your father’s “no debt” plans.) I feel that their should be more of an emphasis in the family of getting a college degree so that those children have a legitimate CHANCE in the real world. And like someone else said already, I don’t even want to think of their environmental footprint. I think that Jim Bob and Michelle ventured into the world of television to share their family with the world, but that somewhere down the line they turned into money hungry religious cult leaders, and that they have too much invested in the show to give it up (think Jon and Kate plus 8…they have clearly put all their eggs in one basket, and now, refuse to give up on the show-their main source of income-because they have no other way of supporting themselves/their habits/their children.)
    I would like to say, that on the other side of the coin, I appreciate that they are a tight knit family, and that they spend time together (even if it involves being brainwashed by mommy and daddy and being tethered to the house).
    Since I have no solid evidence of Josh being a [supposed] molester, I am going to have to say that I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that one…

    I resent the fact that it was implied in an earlier post that today’s youth are involved in gangs, prostitution, drugs, getting pregnant, and dropping out of school. I would like to say that [while I am only 19] I have never touched any alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products, and that I am in fact a virgin, and am Pre-Vet with a major in Biology at a Big Ten university. Maybe with a little more education, (like, oh, college!), 9 in 10 mothers wouldn’t be relying on the welfare system, and that they could be contributing members of society.
    BUT: we all have our opinions.

  101. TMG Says:

    I’m sorry but this is not “funny” or “cute” anymore. Is this just for getting a tv show or in the news? The wife is beginning to look haggered after all she’s been thru, why wouldn’t they think about giving some of the children who don’t have parents or homes out there a place in the Duggar Brood? The man is absolutely sick………

  102. College Grad Says:

    Jim Bob aka “Bubba J”,is real JACKASS!!He and Michelle get all the fun and perks of making babies,but none of the dirty work! The kids especially the daughters get that!The daughters are nothing more than cooks,bottle washers,diaper changers,and “Baby Machines” in training.They have nothing more than the equivalent of a fifth grade education.They are not prepared for the real world,in terms of taking any college assesment tests,or to make a living for that matter.
    The “Little House On The Prarie” attire and lifestyle is as people used to say:”For the birds”.Turning back the clock 120-130 years ago,is not the answer to a lot of today’s issues.At least Laura Ingalls Wilder,whose book and other written works,for which that corny TV show was based upon,at least got o live to see the day when women got the right to vote.The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1920,and misogynistic,”Right Wing Cooks”,have been embittered ever since.A lot of “Quiverfool” men lok at a nine,ten,or eleven year old girl and say:”She may not be able to read,but at least she can rear children!” That is a very backwards way of thinking.Education of women is a solution to a lot of problems,not a problem in itself.Women who praise this family,and their lifestyle should realize that if they were members of that family,or that “Cult”,they would not be able to wear pants or slacks,get a Diploma or a college degree,or even be allowed to vote.

  103. holohead Says:

    Needless to say I dont share a lot about my pregnancy with people after remarks like that. And my poor husband wonders why Im paranoid.

  104. Pridebeforethefall Says:

    Everyone who tried so hard to defend them and make Alice cite her sources probably feels like a sore and sandy asshole right about now. You’ll be alright. God makes a salve for that.
    Thanks for speaking out, Alice.

  105. me Says:

    Wow. Alice called Josh’s molestation of his siblings in 2006 and was ignored/doubted. Scary how many people knew about this and it still took 9 years for any fallout.

  106. debra Says:

    It is May 21, 2015. Alice was correct about Josh Duggar. He has admitted to molesting multiple minor females. He did not admit that they were his sisters. More to come out. Hopefully, TLC will cancel the show. All of them.

  107. MissMally Says:

    Well it looks like Alice hit the nail on the head there.

  108. Kristin Says:

    Wow. Looks like the Alices were right about the Duggars all along.

  109. Alicesupporter Says:

    Bet a lot of ya’ll feel really stupid now that Alice’s claims have been confirmed. It is 2015, and Josh has admitted to sexually assaulting his younger sisters.

  110. Human Says:

    All of you who questioned Alice feel mighty dumb as now in 2015 (Alice said the above in 2007) everything has been exposed and it’s in People, on CNN and other news sources that Josh did in fact molest his sisters and a 5th girl who they think was a babysitter.

    Thank you Alice for breaking this news almost 7 years prior to the kind of family they really are. Thank goodness Oprah didn’t have them on years ago and reported them!

  111. Jackie Says:

    How dumb do some of you feel now that it HAS been confirmed that Josh Duggar molested girls?

  112. Sharon Says:

    Well Alice it looks like you were correct. It’s all over the news that Josh Duggar has admitted his guilt.

  113. Nunya Says:

    Well, seems Alice was right, wasn’t she?

  114. AliceWasRight Says:

    Alas, Alice was proven right. It was all true.

  115. Ashley Says:

    Looks like Alice was right!!!!

  116. Alice Was Right Says:

    Alice, you’ve been fully vindicated.

  117. Ann Newton Says:

    Well, I guess Alice was right!!

  118. Kelly Says:

    It looks like Alice was telling the truth about everything. Now the world knows for a fact that the rumors are true. I find it very interesting that Alice wrote a comment on May 22, 2007 that started with, “Let me tell you something about the precious Duggars that you don’t know.” Today is May 22, 2015. Exactly eight years later… I feel so sorry for the girls who were abused. :(

  119. janie Says:

    well! i guess alice was telling the truth!!!

  120. Karen Says:

    I guess “Alice” was right…..
    I hope there are no more victims(including his own daughter)out there

  121. Vivilalalala Says:

    ALICE WAS RIIIIIGHTTTT!!!! Any other bits of info you would like to share Alice? Please do :)

  122. mariie Says:

    Looks like Alice was right and telling the truth eh jackasses.

  123. Ryan Says:

    Alice – May 22, 2007, wrote:

    “Fame and Fortune In January, the whole family went to Chicago and taped Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah wined and dined them for one week. You know that had to cost some pretty pennies. As you may have noticed, that show never aired and it never will. Oprah was informed that Josh, the oldest son, had been molesting his sisters. Yes, this is the truth. Oprah turned them over to the Arkansas State Police Child Protection Agency and the Washington County Child Protection Agency. They have been investigated to some length. Jim Bob Duggar told the producers of the show that he built a small church out back for his followers. HIS FOLLOWERS. GET REAL. THE MAN IS A FRAUD. In April, they were in court with their story. They have to report to Arkansas Department of Human Services every six months.. They have lied and lied about their son to protect him at their daughters expense. For some unknown reason the boy is still in the home with the girls. God only know if this is still going on. In my eyes he is a CHILD MOLESTOR. HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE HOME. What kind of parents cover up for one child and hurt the others. I do not believe that this is what God has in mind for them. Frauding the American people and taking their money and living off of it.”


    Well, only 7 years later and her truth has finally been substantiated.

    Is Alice the 61-year old woman discussed in this article? It would explain how she knew what she stated here on this forum seven years ago:

  124. The Web Has Known About Josh Duggar for Years. When Did TLC Find Out? Says:

    […] In May 2007, the allegations surfaced online in a comment on a blog about the Duggars. Commenter “Alice”—who has since been referred to on various Duggar message boards as the originator of the rumor—wrote (emphasis added): […]

  125. Lachina Says:

    I read these comments a long time ago and Alice was spot on.

  126. Lee Says:

    So now what do you all think?

  127. NM Says:

    mmmm so Alice was spot on…

  128. Rebecca Says:

    At least there was one person who stood up for those poor girls. Thanks Alice from 2007. So sick, this family covered up and left untreated an admitted child molester who remained in the home with the victims. The authority (aka family friend who happened to work in law enforcement) they ended up “confessing” to over a year after they discovered this (actually, after another sibling brought it to their attention because how the hell would you know what was going on with 16-19 kids?!?) was soon after sentenced to 57 years in prison on his own child pornography charges. This authority covered up the crime as well as the church elders and the parents! How many more crimes were committed under this roof? Those poor girls were never given a chance. Disgusting and abusive way to raise children. All under the guise of “godliness”. Very sad and I hope the victims escape this cycle and find truth and beauty in their own lives. Commentor pk6683 MY GOD MAN – “hang in there pal” to Josh, child molester and perpetrator of incest??? How about a fleeting thought for the girls he abused? This whole thing is sick. America. Land of the free. Wombs given to God. Daughters as servants. Sexuality repressed and then horrifically perversed.

  129. Re Says:

    Turns out Alice was completely RIGHT!! Everyone who praised this messed up family looks like a fool now.

  130. Mellllzy Says:

    Looks like Alice was right all along…

  131. Ditori Says:

    This is the first time I have ever posted comment anywhere. Truly felt the need to after comment from Alice was linked to a story on Gawker. All I want to say is you were right! Truth did come to light.

    Alice Says:
    May 22nd, 2007 at 7:03 pm
    To Ruth,
    Let me tell you something about the precious Duggars that you don’t know….

  132. Lisa K. Says:

    Just reading through this old post. Alice was 100% correct in her assertions. I hope she feels somewhat vindicated.

  133. Logo Says:

    Well it seems Alice was right. You just don’t know what is happening behind closed doors. Bill Gothard as well tut tut tut.

  134. Angela Says:

    I guess Alice was right…she should have been listened to back in 2007

  135. fifi Says:

    Well, right on, Alice!! you got it right on the nose. this is why I don’t doubt or argue in comment sections, especially when someone has so many details! wow.

  136. Sadie Says:

    Alice tried to tell everyone….

  137. Harry Says:

    How many of you that spoken on this blog about the Duggar family have changed their opinions since it became public knowledge that Josh Duggar did harm his sisters?

  138. Jaclyn Says:


    I just went through some of these blog posts and I was curious to know if you knew Alice’s email address? Would love to get in touch with her. Or if Alice is seeing this, could you get in touch with me?
    My email is Thank you!

  139. Scott Says:

    Hi, I’m also interested in getting in touch with Alice. If she sees it could she email me at Thanks!

  140. Alice1 Says:

    Here’s another piece of inside info for you all- Something else that has really bothered me. The Duggar’s preach being debt free. Heck, I remember back when it was even narrated by Jim Bob in their TV show intro. They talk about it every chance they get, and how they have never owed money, had debt, etc. Take a look at Washington Country Arkansas clear records. They are available to the public (free) online. Just log in as a Guest. Type in the last name, and some interesting results come up. Unpaid medical and maternity debts that they were taken to court for, had a lien placed against, etc. Everything is a facade. Everything behind the enigma is broken and bruised. More will come out. This isn’t a secret, and they are lucky that it’s taken this long. The area they are from is very close knit and protective. It’s a different life style there. But eventually, enough it enough. People are starting to crack.

  141. Mrs O'Neal Says:

    Thank you, Alice for trying to bring these truths to light. I notice none of the defenders of this ‘saintly’ family have come back to apologize. smh

  142. ForAlice Says:

    Okay, I am very well familiar with the aforementioned Alice, who – surprise, surprise – was right about everything nearly a decade ago. And she was the one mentioned in the article that was posted above – she was my aunt, and I’ve head all of that from her for a long time. I’m glad it all finally came out.

  143. kontiki Says:

    I am not sure if there have been any studies linking family size & incest but a poster way back when Alice gave her information berated the Duggars continuous procreation and asserted that it “led” to incest. If this is accurate, there have been 2 posters who knew this “secret” 8 full years ago.