Cinderella’s castle is no more.

After an overly-long hiatus, my gaming group reassembled this evening for a bit of play in our current adventure. (Note: players in the game will want to avoid the “cast” and “planned sessions” items, as they contain details that will spoil the future storyline.)

This game’s concept took shape last winter, after returning from my first trip to see the Mouse. There is no place on earth that is more exciting–and disturbing–than the giant sprawling parks with their oddly ordered and consistant behavior.

It could not be more perfectly suited for the World of Darkness.

Tonight’s game was only the third evening of a series which will probably stretch over a dozen or more sessions. I have large plot points sketched out, and a cast of characters who are already in play. Many events are planned, but none that thrill me the way tonight’s closing scene does.

They party’s been exploring the various parks, trying to discern the root cause of the recent… disruption in the Magic Kingdom. They had followed the trail to the great castle itself, and, with John’s skill at bending reality and David’s ability to scry, teleported themselves inside. Surprisingly unsuspicious at the distinct lack of armaments and protection, they landed in an underground area, a storage room. The only items remaining were a few boxes of riot gear–vests and helmets and shields. Two of the group decided to put them on. A wise choice.

They wrapped up things in the armory–silently dispatching the lone guard–and went to check out the office space next door. One of the mages could feel a single mind inside–another guard, watching security footage. In their eagerness and with perhaps a bit of overconfidance, they neglected to check for traps before picking the lock and pushing open the door.

The room was booby-trapped. The area they were in was affected by silence (cast by John), so they didn’t even hear the second click as the trigger was tripped.

The opening door set off the explosives riddling the place, bringing the entire structure down around their ears.

Cinderella’s Castle is a pile of smoking rubble at the end of Main Street.

And I know at least one of you will find that hilarious.

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