24: season 6, hour 6

Coarse commentary on this season’s 24. Again, not for the not completely-caught-up.

  1. Yay, McBeal. I hope he and Karen get to whip out their sharp tongues more often.
  2. OMG, I think that was a Lowe brother. Of the less-famous variety. Chad! Glad to see you’re getting work after Hilary.
  3. Oh, c’mon Romano. Don’t be such a big wussy.
  4. I really really want his dad to be Donald Sutherland, but I know it won’t be. I’ve loved Donald Sutherland ever since “Shaaa-dow? Shaa-dow!”
  5. Jack’s got an eeeeevil hand.
  6. Romano, Jack’s totally gonna sell you out. Well, if by sell you out you mean turn you in for /losing the nuke/. But look on the bright side: He didn’t shoot you.
  7. Oh, Walid. Goatee man is soooo suspicious. You are so dead.
  8. Oh Chad Lowe. You’re not a poor sensitive boy with AIDS anymore. You’re totally evil. You’re the Mini-me to McBeal’s Dr.Evil. Delightful.
  9. OMG do not give Nadia your admin password, Milo you idiot. Aieeee. Never ever give someone your password. I mean, like, we can’t do this at /our/ jobs so I’m totally sure the government would disapprove.
  10. Dude, Walid. What did I say about staying away from Goatee? Also, when did you get the mad pickpocket skills?
  11. Told you Walid was totally gonna get it.
  12. Hot British-accented agent. Promising.
  13. Dude, it’s the farmer from Babe (the pig movie). James Cromwell. I still wish it was Donald Sutherland. Sigh.
  14. Awww, poor formerly hot formerly British-accented agent.
  15. Ok, so now it’s a father-son buddy action movie? Ugh.
  16. But, hey, it looks like Romano will get tortured some more next week. So that’s good.

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