This is what they call music, no… really.

Recent events have led to a renewed interest in the music of my youth (and, I suppose, music in general, though I’m not sure how much one can renew something that, when alone, is the soundtrack to life), and before tonight’s Grammys, I found myself watching the 80’s classic Purple Rain.

Wow. I know I remember seeing this and thinking, just, damn he is so cool. And now I just find myself watching it and thinking, “Damn, he is so wee.” Cause, Prince? He is a wee little man.

And then he picks up a guitar. And makes it scream. And weird as the rest of his shit is? That’s still dead sexy.

Then you see his tiny little boots. Awwww. Stomp stomp stomp. Tee hee teeny little girl boots.

Also, to note on the topic of music: the Guitar Hero guitar controller and the real guitar are two entirely different beasts. The rough spots from the Playstation version form on the far side of my left pinkie finger and the bottom of my right thumb. The calluses from the real thing are on the tips of all four fingers of my left hand, and of the forefinger and thumb of the right. This means that I can switch from one to the other when I become, er, unable or unwilling to continue.

I have not played till my fingers bled (like they did in the Summer of ’69 of course, apologies to Bryan Adams), but I have skirted the edge of skin’s tolerance. It is awesome fun. And also full of many bad notes. And hilarity. Sometimes I scare the cats. Sometimes I scare myself. I think it will be some time before much is recognizable to anyone but me, but I’m starting to play things that sound something like music. I find it amusing and worth losing a few hours a day (and a few WPM) to.

Guitar Hero? Much more immediate gratification. I’m into hard now, thoroughly. I’ve even attempted a couple of tunes on expert, though I’m certainly not going to be there regularly any time soon. However, there is some talk of some GH action at work, with the video peeps. At least one of whom is going to kick my ass. Which will be totally awesome.

And now I’m just waiting for the RHCP to play on the Grammys so I can go to bed. Which is to say, I’m sitting here all, “Shut up, Tarantino.”

And, hey, Rock album of the year: Stadium Arcadium is totally a great record. I’m just going to pretend Album of the Year overall didn’t happen. Stupid Dixie Chicks.

2 responses to “This is what they call music, no… really.”

  1. Todd Says:

    I so wanna hear you play! :)

    And I sat through the Grammys. Why? Cuz, I got sucked in. The RHCP wer decent, but not great IMHO, but Christina Aguilera brought down the house just about. I was pretty impressed (minus the high note.. which *is* in the James Brown clssic, but still… his was gruffish, hers is piercingly perfectish).


  2. bascha Says:

    No one wants to hear me play just yet. Yes, it might very /occasionally/ sound like music, but mostly it sounds like music being butchered. :)

    And Christina Aguilera always rocks, as does Sting. It’s just the way the universe is ordered.

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