From a neat blog, Shakespeare’s Sister, an intriguing question of the day:

What 5 television characters (not the actors, but the characters) would you want to have over for a dinner? Bonus: What would you serve?

Man, that’s tough. ‘Cause they have to all get… along… somehow. I mean, dinner with Mulder together with the twins from Roswell just wouldn’t go so well.

  1. Hawkeye Pierce (from M*A*S*H). I must second this choice. He’s probably the best social lubricator (especially if he brings his martini-maker) ever on television. Anyone who can get along with that insufferable Charles Winchester can handle any off-kilter dinner discussion with aplomb.
  2. Londo Mollari (from Babylon 5) OMG he and Hawkeye would totally have us on the floor. Whether it would be because of laughter or alcohol poisoning, I’m not sure… but we’d have a great time.
  3. Michael Samuelle (from La Femme Nikita) He could just sit there and look really hot. But he would be the perfectly mannered gentleman, and if we were attacked by mad scientists or terrorists, he could save us.

  4. MacGyver. Because when we were done laughing with Hawkeye and Londo, he could amuse us by making spacecraft out of the leftovers from our dinner. Also, in case of an enemy onslaught, he could help Michael.
  5. Sark (from Alias). Ok, so maybe this way Michael and MacGyver have something to do while with Hawkeye and Londo tell jokes?

Dude, that would be one insane dinner party. And we would certainly be serving up some form of diabolical plot, with those in attendance. With a side of foiling the diabolical plot.

And, also, man! My television taste is way archival. I’ll have you know I did consider Kovac and House, but decided one doc was probably enough.

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