24: season 6, hour 11

It’s Monday, thus it’s time for 24. Read no further, ’cause I’m gonna start with a summary. Since this is about the portion of the season where I start forgetting dangling plot ends. (Unfortunately, so do Surnow and Grazer. Oh well.)

Also, as a note: The Black Donnellys is hilarious. It’s like crossing the Sopranos with a teen comedy. But a /good/ teen comedy. Hard to explain, brutally violent…. sometimes more than a bit perplexing… but side-splittingly funny.

To sum up: Papa Bauer’s just escaped from his last remaining cub, and left him a phone number on a PDA–a direct line to that rascally wabbit, Former President Charles Logan. Gredenko and the hot bald guy are assembling the last of the 3 nukes. Bashir and President Palmer (the not-dead one) are meeting with the Ambassador of [the country where the nukes are from]. Mick Schtoppel is having issues because he broke under torture and betrayed his country. Chloe is still Chloe, and Jack? He’s in a hurry. He’ll explain later.

  • Hooray for expository evil villian Gredenko:

    “I’ll be glad when we no longer have to deal with these people. They are living in the dark ages and they act… like they own the world.”

    “I’d much rather be fighting them.”

    “If we succeed today, we’ll never have to. The Arabs and the West–they’ll destroy each other.”

  • Yay, Bashir’s back! And, boy, does that Ambassador not like him very much.
  • Logan’s not in pound-you-in-the-ass prison? What? I am outraged! That slimy little rat. Grrr!
  • Wonder Woman’s son reminds Jack… oh, we know what he reminds Jack of.
  • And, wow, Mick, aren’t you just a little bit sensitive?
  • You can’t kill Biscuit, Rob Lowe. You’re not an evil man. You’re just an… uh… patriot? Yeah, you and Rummy. You’re patriots.
  • It takes 25-30 minutes to assemble this bomb. Which sounds right–since that’ll mean it’s just about to hit zero at the end of this week’s episode.
  • Uh-oh, Mick. Your ex-wife’s checking up on you.
  • Yes, Bill. Let’s hope Jack can get something from Logan. Like his blood type. In quantity. Grr.
  • Logan doesn’t want anything. Riiiiiiiiight. And that Bible he’s carrying? It’s probably got some kind of poisoned ink. Or secret compartment. Ew, just watching him makes my skin crawl. He killed David Palmer!
  • Gredenko has a secret weapon, stolen from the American military. Hm, American tax dollars made a… giant dustbuster?
  • Hee hee. Chad Lowe’s all nervous nellie now. What part of this whole assassination plot did he miss the first time around?
  • Talking to ones self in the mirror?
  • Ooooh, Jack in a suit and tie? Damn! This is a new turn of events.
  • Oh, yes, Biscuit is going to be there. Go Biscuit! Go Biscuit!
  • Oh, I hope Bashir was in time to save the President…

Also, the new iPhone commercial? C’mon, Apple, that’s just bragging. (The cost to license the couple dozen clips from very recognizable movies was probably more than the entire advertising budget of most companies.)

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