More Cure.

The Cure @ UMF #5

More pictures on flickr. 12 of Robert Smith in total. They were taken with no flash–even after dark. Some have been processed a bit, and some were pushing the limits of the digital zoom, but there were at least a dozen salvageable with technology. And, damn, we were /that/ close. It still floors me that that was where I was standing. I think at the time I was largely in shock.

But, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Robert’s always seemed to like playing the summer festivals in Europe. They haven’t properly toured all over the world in ages. Perhaps he’ll find a few festivals here he enjoys, and play at those, and a smattering of ones in and around the UK… indefinately. I could live with that I think. I mean, the big venue headliner shows are fantastic… but the intimate festival stage… was something else entirely.

P.S. My mom, upon seeing these photos, commented only that, “The guy needs a hair cut badly, it may need washing too!!!” The three exclamation points are totally hers. And don’t feel bad, Robert. She’s said much worse things on the subject of hair. Trust me.

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