Night 2 (700+ songs in)

  1. Marilyn Manson, Cyclops (Portrait of an American Family)
  2. Minor Threat, Betray (Minor Threat: Complete Discography)
  3. Pink Floyd, Julia Dream (Relics)
  4. Peter, Paul, and Mary; Puff the Magic Dragon (Moving)
  5. The Cure, Club America (Wild Mood Swings)
  6. The Who, Happy Jack (20th Century Master: The Who)
  7. The Cure, alt.end (Ultra Music Festival, May 2007)
  8. Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Jimmy the Squid (Great Old Ones)
  9. Clearlake, Treat yourself with Kindness (Cedars)
  10. Ruth Laredo, Rachmaninov: Movement Musical in B Flat Minor, Op 16/1 (Rachmaninov: The Complete Works, Vol.1)

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