Well, /duh/.

Turned on the TV when I got home, and the local news was on. Fortunate timing, otherwise I would have missed this absolute gem (And the emphasis? Is totally the newscaster’s.):

[ A shot of a fat white dude, shirt doffed, big tattoo clearly visible on his chest. ]

“Police say 45-year-old Tony Finch, a former police officer, who may have ties to the Klu Klux Klan…”

[ Cut to tat close-up: a Confederate flag on a pole, sporting the word “Knights” on the banner just above it. ]

“…pointed a gun at a black couple and screamed racial epitaphs at them.” [NBC-17 7 o’clock news, reliably the worst newscast in the area.]

He might have ties to the Klan. What with the hating black people and the /tattoo/. But just maybe.

Incidentally, the next sentence of the report: “Finch was arrested in the Oxford Police parking lot after allegedly chasing the couple all the way from Vance County.”

Uh, yeah.

2 responses to “Well, /duh/.”

  1. Mushi Says:

    And wouldn’t that be a racial “epithet”, not epitaph? Unless, of course, he was hurling tombstones at them. Heh.

  2. brian Says:

    racist tombstones, no less.

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