Eight random facts meme

Tagged by my good friend Paul, I must make with the posting and rejoin the blogging internets once again. I understand from his explanation that I’m to reveal eight random facts about me and then tag 8 people who are asked to do the same. So without further ado or explanation:

  1. I’m deathly afraid of clowns. I don’ t like balloon animals or mimes either.
  2. My boyfriend lives in Texas and his name is John. He’s the most perfect boy in the world. I’m importing him permanently in December.
  3. I’m addicted to Second Life. I jumped in-world in October of last year and have been totally entranced ever since. My friends have WarCrack, I have SL. Though I’m sad at the moment, as I’m homeless. :(
  4. I hate mowing the yard. It’s my least favorite chore, especially when it’s hot, and my yard currently looks like an out-of-control jungle. Or would had I not hired the lawn dudes from B&R. Who totally rock.
  5. I like the smell of gasoline. Weird, but true.
  6. Spiders don’t scare me, even the poisonous kind. But camel crickets? Those things are /creepy/.
  7. I have a halloween party every year. Except this year. This year, I haven’t even unpacked a single halloween item. I’m taking a break.
  8. Placebo is one of my favorite bands of the moment.

And who do I tag? Michael, Kat, Kath, Brian, Colby, Sam, Ruth, and John.

3 responses to “Eight random facts meme”

  1. Mary Says:

    well thank god you are actually going to post again. How can I point to the blog of my former roommate with pride… and then say, “Yes, but she hasn’t updated since JUNE!”?

  2. bascha Says:

    *laughs* Yeah, yeah, yeah. I met a boy. You know how those boys take time and stuff!

  3. brian Says:

    oh, I plopped my answers on my blog. I should totally update that thing more often.

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