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Photography wasn't a first love—more an accident. The University required that I complete a series of photography classes to acquire my degree, so I toted a camera (a Canon F-1) around for several semesters. I found that I grew accustomed to it, and when I had to return my camera to the school, I did so with a heavy heart. But I had a bunch of great pictures (all black and white, all printed by hand) from that period.

A few years later, a friend loaned me an heirloom camera, after seeing how I admired hers. Once again, I shot scads of film. This time, I was at a loss for darkroom, so most are commercially (cheaply) printed, then scanned.

Now, we've all grown up and gotten real jobs. And aquired real cameras. I shoot now with a Nikon FM10 and a Canon Power Shot SD100. I seem to prefer the Nikon, but that's mostly because it feels the most like the school's F-1s.

The contents of this section are divided by era:

   The Pre-College Years
A photo album from a class project, circa 1997.

   The College Years
Black and whites, taken with that standard of college j-schools, Ilford 400. Woo. And I left the original site design as I got a good grade on it. Heh. Mmm, Frames.

   The Rest of Them
The current photo album, built with the exporter in Photoshop 7 and some nifty trickses.