For the Birds
sung by Oscar Brand

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There once was a robin who lived in the West
He discovered a very strange egg in his nest
He turned to his wife with an angry remark
She said, "Don't get ruffled, I did it just for a lark."

(Chorus Below)

Toorala, tooralay
A rolling stone gathers no moss, so they say
Sing along, learn the words
It's a wonderful song but it's all for the birds.

A sparrow and vulture once met in the air
Soon they were coupling, a love-hungry pair
The passionate vulture emitted some bleats
The sparrow inquired, "Am I hurtin' ya, sweets?"


How to kiss a duck's arse without tasting the down
His answer has come from the men of renown
Endless experiments showed them the trick
You blow and you kiss, but you've got to be quick.


There was once a parrot with strings on his beak
If you pulled on the right string he'd recite Delta Bleat
If you pulled on the left string he'd act a farce
If you pulled on them both he'd fall flat on his arse.


So here's to the birds, let us sing loud their praise
Their plumage, their habits, their natural ways
We're grateful for birds flying up in the sky
Think of the fallout, if horses could fly.


Source: Brand, Oscar.Sing-Along Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads. Audio Fidelity, 1962.

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