The Sailor Being Tired
sung by Dillard Chandler

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It's the sailor being tired well he hung down his head (repeat twice)
Well he asked the little maid to show him the bed.

Well she showed him the bed like a maid oughta do (repeat twice)
Well he said, "My little honey, won't you come to bed too."

It's the little maid being young, not thinking any harm
Well she got in the bed and she rolled up in his arms
It's what I done there well I wouldn't tell here
But I wish that night could have been a long year.

It's a six months passed and eight rolled by (repeat twice)
It's her shoes wouldn't button well her apron wouldn't tie.

If it is a boy child name it after me
Put a pistol in its pocket lord, dress it in blue
Tell it to hug the women like its daddy used to do.

If it is a girl child, hire it a nurse
Set it on your knee, lord, comb its curly head
Lord, you can remember me when I am dead.

Source:Gott, Peter and John Cohen. Old Love Songs & Ballads from the Big Laurel, North Carolina. Folkways, 1964.

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