Who are these weirdos?

The Class

This website was set up as a class project for Cybercasting and Cyberpublishing, taught by Paul Jones. It is a group effort, with research materials from from the Wilson Library North Carolina Collections, the 1997 N.C. State Fair and other personal materials.

Cybercasting and Cyberpublishing is a JOMC 191 class -- experimental topics in journalism. Paul has taught the class several times now, as well as working as the manager of SunSITE UNC. The class is taught in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Group

Stephanie Beck
Stephanie is a graduate student in the School of Journalism at UNC. She took this class the first time it was offered back in 1995 (back when she was an undergrad) and still has a copy of the first homepage she ever did (don't laugh too hard, Paul). Other than the Internet, her hobbies are editing videotape for WRAL-TV 5, commuting hellacious distances to work each day, and engaging people in interesting conversations. Talk to her.
Bascha Harris
Bascha is an undergrad working on her 5th year at UNC... and finally graduating with a double degree in graphic design and English literature in the Spring. She's worked as a web geek for The Daily Tar Heel, Horizon Home Page and is currently employed by SunSITE (and Paul Jones) with the Cisco Educational Archives. She needs a job after graduation. You should hire her and pay her lots of money.
John Johnson
John is a Ph.D. (read: "stressed out") student in the Stat department. He went insane over 24 years ago, approximately the time he was born. He has taught high school, worked as a systems administrator and web master for the Physics/Astronomy department, and enjoys doing useless things. Check out his website! And, oh, if you need a statistician in the year 2000, he's your man ... if the price is right. Dishwashing not included ...
Sandra Moore
Sandra is a senior majoring in Graphic Design in the School of Journalism here at UNC. She will graduate with her degree in December 1998. She currently is the over-stressed Software Buyer for the Ram Shop at UNC's Student Stores and the new webmaster for Alpha Phi Omega (which currently really bites because she hasn't gotten the access to "hack" into it yet).
Sean Rowe
Sean is a senior, majoring in the Print Sequence of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication here at UNC. He is 24 and from Miami (which explains his really nice tan). He has done Web publishing before and thus is qualified to work with such a cool group.
LeAnn Spradling
LeAnn is a senior in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC. She is graduating in December 1997. Currently she works at FGI Marketing in Chapel Hill as a lead agent, and serves as the paranoid president of St. Anthony Hall, a national literary and social fraternity.

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