Far-Fetched Folklore

Before there were movies, before television, before radio, there were folktales. For generations, the word of the local storyteller kept children and adults enthralled, waiting for the next installment. Now we have collected a few of those tales here for you to read. Although they will not have the same impact as they would were they read aloud, you can get an idea of the oral tradition.

The nature of folklore rests in the fact that it is a group of all the studies necessary to understand a primitive or illiterate society and the multifarious survivals from that societty in the midst of the sophisticated culture that succeeded.

It is the history of traditions that never really die, from craft work to stories, from songs to superstitions, and many more. Folklore is an event or process, not merely a text or an object.

Read Authentic Folk Tales Read about Jack's first hunting trip, Butt-Head the Baldy Bull, and other tales of Jack that don't necessarily involve the beanstalk.

Biographical Information Reference materials, attributions, and other sources of information surrounding the tellers of jack tales.

Watch and Listen A large part of the story telling experience is allowing yourself to be drawn into what is being said. While we can't be there live to tell you these stories, we can make the experience a bit more realistic. Listen to tales being told, see the cinematic adaptations, or add a line to our folk tale.

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Write your own Jack Tale Think you've got the gist of it? Want to try your hand at a tale of your very own? Drop in and submit it to us. We'll post it with the rest of our submissions.
Cooperative Folktale If you don't want to try a whole tale, why not add a line to the tale we've already started? It's easy - just like those tales you used to tell sitting around the campfire those early summer evenings in Girl Scouts. . .

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