Jack and the Bull

One time Jack was bound out to a man who was rich and had lots of land and cattle. The old man liked Jack and treated him all right, but his old wife she didn't like Jack a bit, just hated him, and she treated him mean ever' chance she got. They had three girls at that house and they didn't like Jack much either. He had to work awful hard, and all he got for it was a few ragged clothes and scrappy vittles. 

Then one day the old woman decided she'd try to get rid ofJack by starvin' him to death. She'd fix breakfast while Jack was gone to milk the cows of a mornin' and she'd fix supper when he milked of an evenin', and at dinner time she just wouldn't call Jack to come and eaSo it wasn't long till Jack did get to starvin'. He got so weak he could hardly walk. And one evenin' when Jack was gain' up in the pasture to drive the cows down, he just couldn't make it; he gave plumb out and sat down on a rock. He didn't know what to do. Then he saw a strange black bull come out of the woods; jumped over in the pasture and walked up to Jack, says, "What's the matter, Jack?" 

Jack told him; then the bull says, "You're no need to worry about that any more, Jack. You just screw off my left horn and you'll find bread, and screw off my right horn and you'll find milk." 

Jack took off the bull's left horn and gave it a shake and out fell as fine a little pone of bread as ever you'd want. Jack grabbed it up and started eatin'. Then Jack took off the right horn and when he tipped it up the milk just come a-pourin' out. It wouldn't empty no matter how long you tipped it. So Jack shook out some more panes of bread and held the milk horn in one hand drinkin' out of it like a cup and he eat all he wanted. Then he screwed the horns back on the bull and told him he sure was much obliged. 

Well, the bull stayed there and Jack got fat as a pig. The old woman she wondered how Jack could be gainin' flesh when she wasn't givin' him anything to eat. She saw how the strange bull had taken up with Jack and she finally decided to find out where Jack was gettin' his rations. 

Now one of their girls was one-eyed. The old woman sent her to spy on Jack and his bull. The girl got behind a bush, but Jack saw her. So he got out his fiddle and fiddled that one eye shut in no time. Eat his supper and the girl slept right on, didn't see a thing. 

Next day the old woman sent her second girl. She had two eyes, and Jack fiddled a tune twice as long as he did before. Then when he knowed both her eyes were shut, he eat his supper; and when the girl woke up there was Jack and his bull just standin' around. So she went back and told her mother she didn't seeThe old woman she was mad. She called her three-eyed girl 

He next evenin' and told her if she didn't find out where Jack was gettin' his supper she'd whip her. So the three-eyed girl went to watch. Jack got out his fiddle and played another sleepy tune, played it three times as long as he did before. Well, one of the girl's eyes went to sleep, then another one shut to, but she didn't want to get whipped so she kept poppin' her third eye open every time it started gettin' sleepy and fin'ly Jack thought it was shut and went and got his bread and milk, and the girl saw him do it, so she slipped out and ran back and told her mother.