Jack and the North West Wind!

Part II. 

Well, Jack thanked the old man and took his tablecloth and went on. He came to that house and those boys happened to be out in the yard. They came out in the road and started talkie' to Jack and Jack played with 'em awhile, and then they begged Jack to stop land lay up with 'em that night. It was gettin' 'way along late in the evenin', so Jack he went on in, and directly the boys got to askin' him why he had that tablecloth under his arm. Tack didn't tell 'em at first, but they got to pesterin' him and teasin' him ;o that finally Jack told 'em. They wouldn't believe him and started makin' fun of him till Jack unrolled it, said, 

"Spread, tablecloth/ Spread!" 

And all manner of good vittles came out on it. So they all sat down and eat a big supper. Then Jack rolled it back up. Well, that night after Jack was asleep, the boys took another tablecloth and put it in the place of Jack's. And the next morning Jack was up early and got back in home. 

He came on in the house, his mother says, "Well, Jack, ye never stopped that Wind. Hit's ablowin' right on." 

"No," says Jack, "I never got to the place where it come out at. An old man gave me a present to come on back home." 

"What did he give ye, Jack?" 

So Jack told her about the tablecloth and what it could do. 

"You try it out, then," his mother says. "I sure would like to see that." Jack laid it out, says, "Spread, tablecloth! Spread!" 

But there didn't ever a-thing come on it. 

So Jack's mother took his tablecloth and cut it up. Made him shirt out of it. 

Jack stayed on at home about a week, and then that North West Wind got to blowin' hard again. So one day Jack told his mother, says, "I'm agoin' to try again about stoppin' that wind, now, and you needn't look for me back till I get it stopped." 

So Jack got his mother up a big pile of firewood and pulled out again. Took the same route he took before, and when he came to where that old man lived, Jack slipped through a field so he wouldn't be seen. Got back in the road and went on. He came to a mill after a while, and there was the old man just comin' out with his turn of meal on his shoulder, says, "Hello, ack! Where you started to again this cold day?" 

"I'm agoin' to stop that North West Wind, uncle," says Jack, 'and I'm gain' on this time till I get it plumb stopped." 

"Why, you'll freeze to death 'fore ye get to where that Wind comes out, Jack. You better just turn around and come on back up to the house with me." 

"I ain't gain' to fool with you," says Jack. "That old tablecloth you gave file wouldn't do what you said it would." 

"Did you stop at that house where I told ye not to stop at?" 

"Yes. I stayed the night there." 

"They've got your tablecloth, Jack. You just go on home with me now, and I'll see if I haven't got somethin' else to give ye. We'll build us up a good warm fire and fix a little somethin' to eat too." 

Well, Jack was gettin' pretty cold and he was hungry, so he went on up with the old man and they got dinner fixed. After they got through eating and got the dishes washed, the old man let Jack sit by his fire till he got good and warm, then he says to him, says, "Now, Jack, I'm gain' to give ye a rooster to take home and all you have to do is hold your hat under it and say, 

"Come, gold! Comet" 

 and that rooster'll lay your hat full of golden eggs." 

So Jack put the rooster under his arm and thanked the old man, and pulled out for home. The old man hollered after him, says, "You recollect now and not stop at that place where them devilish boys are." 

Jack hollered back and said All right.