Part One: Kyle & Laurel land in Buenos Aires and have about 14 hours to explore before we hit Patagonia!
Buenos Aires Baby!
After a long flight, we hit the streets of BA!
We walk around the colorful district of San Telmo.
We find graffiti everywhere!
Goofy murals butt up against...
...bizarre political commentary.
Viva Lenin!?!?!
Local color is not all about politics.
Many people dislike San Telmo b/c it's so touristy.
But locals still live here and enjoy everyday life.
There are no chimneys in this town for Santa!
Laurel is happy to be here...
...with her demon lover!
Next, we wander through a cool market place.
The world's best meat can be bought here.
Spritzer anyone?
Antique tchotchkes grace these walls!
Homer as Che chants "Beer or Death. Onward!"
Next, we hit the über posh barrio of Puerto Madero.
Derelict shipping cranes made fashionable!
The port's design is too small to be for commerce.
But bad design makes for a nice residential area...
...and lovely strolls in the sun!
BA is famous for its Italian influenced ice cream.
There are about a hundred flavors...
...including about 10 types of Dulce de Leche!
Sugar Rush!
We wander by this strange mosque mural on the way... architect Calatrava's Puente de la Mujer.
Photo ops abound for tourists & locals alike.
At the end is American Imperialism at its finest.
Next, we walk to Plazo de Mayo, where we find...
...La Casa Rosada, the country's executive branch.
This monument marks the ousting of the Spaniards.
The date commemorates the May Revolution.
At the same time, others still seek justice...
...staging a protest for fair pay for casino workers.
Buses speed past the Falklands War Memorial.
Argentina foolishly declared war on England in 1982...
...over the oil rich "Las Malvinas." 700 died.
Bohemianism emerges amidst tragedy.
People crowd the popular steakhouse El Desnivel.
Argentina is world famous for its steaks!
The local beer is just a touch better than Bud.
OK, since the world's best steak only costs $7!
Beer & Steak = Happy Couple!