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Apiculture is very diverse; our fostering of several insect species to pollinate our crops and produce honey, wax, propolis and venom occurs worldwide. The old beekeeping adage: "There are as many ways to keep bees as there are beekeepers" describes this amazing diversity in beekeeping.

Logically then, there is no "proper" way to keep bees, no "right" way to manage for honey production, or to rear queens--the best we can do as good beekeepers and as good neighbors is to share our techniques, lore, knowledge and experiences, basing them upon a rigorous foundation in insect biology.

To assume though, that this foundation is stable, would be naive. Every year, new research, and new facts about the fascinating lives our eusocial friends the Honey Bees lead, help us to be more successful beekeepers. This archive is a repository for beekeeping information. If you have trouble finding something, or if you want to add something, please do not hesitate to contact the curator by e-mail:

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