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August 2014
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Earlier this year, the Campaign for Southern Equality released some powerfully emotional videos (see above) in which same-sex couples across the South walked up to counters where they knew they would be denied marriage licenses and asked for marriage licenses anyway. Simple acts of courage like this can make an enormous difference in changing culture. [...]

Why we don’t speak up

Oh, Internet. There is never a shortage of anonymous cowards willing to say horrible things in secret. And this is not good for discourse, because only some of us get to receive emails like this on a regular basis:
I think the most accurate conclusion that can be drawn from all this complaining of late is [...]

Creating a Commons

This is the text of my talk from code4lib 2013. My slides are here. Video is here.
Hi, I’m Bess Sadler, and I work at Stanford University Library. I build open source software for libraries, and it’s pretty important to me. This is not my first code4lib, I’ve been around for awhile.
We lost a member [...]

This is the opposite of a suicide note.

“So we weep for a person who lived at great cost /
Yet we barely knew his powers till we sensed that we had lost”
“Mark Rothko” by Dar Williams

“This is the opposite of a suicide note / I plant my roots too deep in this earth to move”
“This is the opposite of a suicide note” by [...]

the free flow of information and ideas to present and future generations

When I became a librarian in 2005, most libraries were providing terrible online access to their collections, at least partly because library data itself was under questionable copyright. Everyone was afraid of being sued, and no one wanted to stick their necks out to test the law.
Aaron’s work with the Internet Archive and the [...]