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August 2014
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Día de los Muertos

I don’t mean Halloween. Día de los Muertos is a distinct holiday, although Halloween has appropriated some of its trappings in my local mix of culture. Día de los Muertos is for remembering the dead, those we love, those we grieve.
Every year around this time I start to think about Bob Sheldon. Besides everything [...]

Brain Injuries, Science Fiction, and Library Discovery

Note: This post is adapted from a talk I gave at Access 2012 in Montreal. Slides available here:
When Amy asked me to speak at the Access conference this year I said no at first, because at the time I was off work on disability leave, recovering from a head injury. Usually I give conference [...]

In Memoriam, Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich has been an important figure in my life. I first encountered her work in my early teens, on the shelves of Internationalist Books in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She said of her own work, that although she had been born a woman, she “was trying to think and act as if poetry–and the [...]

Dear Planned Parenthood

Dear Planned Parenthood,
You saved my life when I was seventeen, and although I’ve thanked you by being an annual contributor ever since I’ve been financially able, I’ve never thanked you publicly and I believe it’s over due.
This is not a story about abortion. This is a story about endometriosis. This is a story about [...]

I am the 99%

I just got an email from Elizabeth Warren’s campaign about President Obama’s appointment of Richard Cordray as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This gives me hope that we can change this deeply broken system.
I am a native English speaker with a Master’s Degree. I am employed as a software engineer [...]