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August 2016
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Archive for 'random'

the long burnout

I’ve been reading the wikipedia definition of burnout, and yup, that pretty much sums it up. To all my friends who have put up with me for the last two years, in spite of my never returning phone calls or emails, rarely going to parties, and basically being no fun at all anymore, bless you […]

java vs. javascript urlencoding

This is one of those ridiculous corner-cases one sometimes runs into, and chances are no one but me will ever encounter it, but it took me a couple of days to solve it so I want to write it down in case it ever comes up again. I have an XML searching application that’s using […]

How not to apply for a job

Update: Image of letter removed. I’m feeling paranoid. Folks, I kid you not, this was an actual cover letter I just read, applying for a full-time professional librarian position. I don’t feel safe posting it here since you’ll notice in spite of the fact that it has no identifying information about it at all. It […]

soundtrack for a rainy day

I’m listening to a great album by {{{ SUNSET }}} called Bright Blue Dream. If you’re feeling a little down on a rainy day, it’s the perfect soundtrack.

purses for the ladies, laptops for the men

I’m sitting in the Detroit airport, on my way home from OLA, surfing the web and catching up on email on the laptop that might as well be surgically attached to my body given how seldom it is out of arm’s reach. They just made a pre-boarding announcement for my flight: Please be aware that […]