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August 2016
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Archive for 'random'

Moments in ineffectual advertising

I read comics and graphic novels a lot, and Tom the Dancing Bug is one of my favorite regular reads. It’s published online by Go Comics, and generally I think they have a pretty good business model and I appreciate the service they provide. I just noticed this ad, though… I guess they will deliver […]

Lighthouse for issue tracking and project management

Jamie Orchard-Hays recently turned me onto using Lighthouse for issue tracking and project management. I’ve been trying to get into the issue-tracking habit for some time, and it is starting to stick. If you can do it consistently, and if you can get everyone else on your project doing it, it makes life so much […]

Useful tip to see if you’ve been cracked

Crappy couple of days at work dealing with a security compromise. Our sysadmin showed me a handy trick, though. If you think your machine has been compromised but a rootkit scan comes up clean, check the change times on key system binaries. If a cracker just *patches* the binaries instead of removing them and replacing […]

I’m free from Verizon!

I have had Verizon cell phone service since July 2005. It has been a terrible experience. First, they lied to me about coverage in Charlottesville. They claim to have coverage in Charlottesville, but they actually only have “extended” coverage, which means that occasionally my phone will stop working and I have to drive 45 minutes […]

Carrboro represents!

I was very happy to see my hometown of Carrboro, NC has an awesome new theme song and video. This video is hilarious, especially if you’ve spent any time in Carrboro. Do you ever get over feeling homesick for a place? What about when you move around… do you just keep getting more and more […]