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August 2016
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Archive for 'musings'

Why drivers’ licenses should not be tied to immigration status

Sigh. I just saw this ad online. I hesitate to even reproduce it here, but in the interest of visual aid for my commentary I guess I have to. So, a few thoughts: 1. Holy cow, the Obama in this photo is angry about something. And look how evil and threatening the guy in the […]

the long burnout

I’ve been reading the wikipedia definition of burnout, and yup, that pretty much sums it up. To all my friends who have put up with me for the last two years, in spite of my never returning phone calls or emails, rarely going to parties, and basically being no fun at all anymore, bless you […]

IT, Design, and a Methodology Sunrise

The folks from the Center for History and New Media have really been rocking my world lately. My first exposure to them was through Zotero, and then Omeka, and now there are all kinds of exciting announcements about Zotero Commons and THATCamp and partnerships with Open Library. And of course it makes sense that people […]

How to run a digital humanities shop

This post from Tom Scheinfeldt, and the post he links to gave me some food for thought. First, it’s remarkable how much digital humanities shops have in common with startups. I did the startup thing for awhile, and now I’ve been doing the faculty projects / digital humanities development thing for awhile, and both attract […]

mi vida loca

When I’m not being a systems librarian, I’m being a construction foreman (fore-person?), sometimes on my own house, sometimes on someone else’s. My main qualification for this is that I speak okay Spanish. I don’t speak great Spanish, though, which leads to hilarious situations like when I explained to the guys that Americans like to […]