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August 2016
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Archive for 'musings'

more adventures in sexism

I’ve just read the complete HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux and I hope it doesn’t sound strage for me to say it, but I am deeply moved. I want to share a story. In 2000, when I first moved to Edmonton, I worked for SunSITE Alberta as a systems administrator. One of the servers we […]

How do we get more women into systems librarianship?

I’ve been off line for a few weeks, wrestling with the house (we have insulation in our walls now! W00t!), and so I’m just now catching up on an excellent volley of blog posts about sexism in systems librarianship and it’s associated conferences, chat rooms, journals, etc. I’d like to address a related issue: How […]

digital cameras at conferences

I’m in a great workshop right now at JCDL 2006, about metadata tools. Lots of great demos, and one woman was smart enough to bring a digital camera and is snapping photos, i.e. making screen shots, of anything she thinks is interesting enough to hang on to. Brilliant! From now on I’m bringing my digital […]

a curse for our times

I’m taking it totally out of context, but I just came across this quote from Mr. Hoopty, and it so perfectly expresses the despair I feel about commodity culture: Everything you love, everything meaningful with depth and history, all passionate authentic experiences will be appropriated, mishandled, watered down, cheapened, repackaged, marketed and sold to the […]


Not that anyone will read it, but I have got to weigh in on this one. Family Man Librarian seems to have started it all, with this comment: And I particularly got tired of the “fangirly” comments about — gush — actually being able to — gush — speak face-to-face with the Library Gods (a.k.a. […]