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August 2016
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Archive for 'blacklight'

Blacklight 2.4 release

It’s strange to do a release without creating a download package, but Blacklight 2.4 is available in github here: You can read the release notes at and make sure you also admire our new logo and style scheme at

Blacklight 2.1 release

The 2.1 release is out the door and ready for download. You can download it here and view the release notes here. Highlights of this release include: Several bug fixes More robust testing for the plugin (tests for the plugin no longer rely on an external solr index) Better adherence to W3C accessibility guidelines Savable […]

Blacklight 2.0 release!

There is a spiffy new 2.0 release out in the world now, and you can download it here and release notes are here. This is our first release since refactoring for the plugin architecture, so we thought it deserved a major number bump. Also, we’ve re-arranged the subversion tree so current development is now happening […]

Blacklight plugin and demo app

I’m republishing this post from the Blacklight OPAC site. I’m tired of getting burned by the whole “your websites are ugly so we thought you weren’t a real project” thing, and I’m making an effort to give Blacklight a more polished public presence. Let me know how I’m doing. New website here, and documentation wiki […]

Preliminary notes on Blacklight and LocalSolr

SearchCampDC was last week, and UVA was well represented. I think we even tied Library of Congress (the hosting institution) for the number of attendees. Among the many excellent presentations and conversations, Patrick O’Leary’s LocalSolr stood out for me as being of immediate interest to Blacklight, and Matt Mitchell and I started working on getting […]