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August 2016
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Archive for 'blacklight'

marc4j 2.4 released!

It’s been a long time coming, but there is now a new release of marc4j. You can download it here: Most of the work on this new release was by people primarily working on SolrMarc, the indexing system for Blacklight and VuFind. If you’re not deep into these projects, you might not know that […]

Please comment on the Blacklight award nomination

Shameless self-promotion warning! Blacklight has been nominated[1] for a Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. You can read the nomination here: I feel a little abashed about some of the language, but I guess no one ever won an award by being modest. If you think Blacklight is a worthwhile project, would you please go […]

jQuery plugin for Google Books Search Viewability API

Matt Mitchell, one of the programmers on my team, just whipped up a neat little jquery plugin to easily display cover images and link to google books. We’re using it as part of Blacklight, and we’re making it available through the Blacklight source code repository under an Apache 2.0 license. First, grab the plugin here, […]

Blacklight 0.2 and svn released

Within 24 hours of releasing Blacklight 0.1 I received a patch fixing a problem in one of the config files and augmenting the installation README. Hooray for open source! So now I’ve released 0.2, which is mainly 0.1 but with the config file fixed, some better installation instructions, and exported from svn (as opposed to […]

Blacklight website up

It’s a very basic first stab, but at least there’s something up now. You can visit it at I love creative commons and how easy it makes it to put together a quick website!