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August 2016
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Archive for 'house'

the long burnout

I’ve been reading the wikipedia definition of burnout, and yup, that pretty much sums it up. To all my friends who have put up with me for the last two years, in spite of my never returning phone calls or emails, rarely going to parties, and basically being no fun at all anymore, bless you […]

my clover lawn is doing great

… especially with all this rain we’re getting. I’ll post a photo soon, but in the meantime, read this comic and share my smug.

house update: re-grading the yard

Isn’t it lovely when a friend shows up with an unexpected gift? In most peoples’ lives this might take the form of baked goods, or a potted plant, but for us it recently took the form of our friend Justin bringing us about ten tons of clay and re-grading our yard for us. Our yard […]

House update – April 2007

I was looking over the archives of this blog, and found a house update from April 2006. It occured to me that I haven’t written a house update in a long time, and that people might want to know what happened. To recap, Matt and I moved to Virginia in the fall of 2005. We […]

we have internet!

As of today, we have phone and DSL in the new house. To celebrate, I’m finally uploading to flickr my photos from the last several months. Here’s my flickr photo stream. Tune in for photos from the lucene summit, access 2006, and of course endless shots of the house and the rabbits.