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April 2006
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Archive for April, 2006

Neil Young – Living with War

The new Neil Young album is online for your listening pleasure here. I’ve been listening to it at work this afternoon, and I love it. I was a little nervous. I like Neil Young, but the hype I’ve heard made me afraid this release would sacrifice good music to the album’s strident message. I’m happy […]

Francesca.lib started giving errors for many different java based applications, like tomcat, cocoon, and fedora. At the same time, fedora was refusing to start, but we couldn’t figure out why. It seemed like the java apps on francesca couldn’t access DNS, not even to resolve “localhost”. To test this, I wrote a little java […]

House update

I’ve posted more photos of the new house. There are flowers in bloom, which makes the place look a little less scary from the outside. Most of the internal walls are back up, and our electrician has started work. Plumbing should start this week, we hope.

Use jtidy to parse SGML and other badly formed XML

I finally have been able to use jtidy to clean up SGML and other kinds of almost-XML. The story is that I have a bajillion old-skool TEI SGML files that need to be inventoried, preferably not by having a person open each one and read it. These files are mostly un-parseable by modern xml parsers. […]

Huzzah for, an online community for those of us deeply scarred by being made to eat the most disgusting “food” on the green earth: cilantro. When did it become de rigueur for restaurants to sprinkle otherwise lovely food with poisonous flakes of industrial cleanser masquerading as an herb? If you agree, join your voice […]