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January 2007
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Archive for January, 2007

Carrboro represents!

I was very happy to see my hometown of Carrboro, NC has an awesome new theme song and video. This video is hilarious, especially if you’ve spent any time in Carrboro. Do you ever get over feeling homesick for a place? What about when you move around… do you just keep getting more and more […]

Affordance theory: a framework for graduate students’ information behavior

My first article is finally out in print. This is the write-up of my MLIS research project (not technically a thesis, but long and involved enough that it could have been). It is amazing to me to see it in this finished state. Title: Affordance theory: a framework for graduate students’ information behavior Author(s): […]

Secure beneath the watchful eyes

Secure beneath the watchful eyes Originally uploaded by bsadler. Via boing boing we see that 1984 has finally arrived in England. I am under no illusions that anything different is going on in the US, but I think our PR people are generally a little more clever than to let the cards show quite this […]

eIFL-FOSS and “Library-in-a-box” want to make open source library systems accessible to all

Apparently part of my job for eIFL is to write press releases. Here’s my first shot at one. I should note that this one is targeted at eIFL participants, so I haven’t included any explanation of what eIFL is. I need to fix that before I send it out to non-eIFL communities. eIFL’s Free and […]

restoring photos from flickr

flickr backup in action Originally uploaded by bsadler. In a quick hunt for more disk space (I had to download the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica, dontcha know) I accidentally deleted my entire photo directory. I stopped the deletion pretty quickly once I realized my mistake, but I still lost lots of photos that I […]