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April 2007
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Archive for April, 2007

House update – April 2007

I was looking over the archives of this blog, and found a house update from April 2006. It occured to me that I haven’t written a house update in a long time, and that people might want to know what happened. To recap, Matt and I moved to Virginia in the fall of 2005. We […]

Digital Odyssey 2007

I just got back from speaking at the annual Digital Odyssey conference in Toronto. It was fun, and I was thrilled to be invited. I got to spend more time in Toronto than I have in the past. Usually Toronto is just a stopping off point on the way to Kingston, where many of my […]

Talking with Talis

This past Monday I had a fun conversation with Richard Wallis for the Talking with Talis podcast. You can get all the details and listen to the recording here.

“just domestic violence”: some thoughts on the VA Tech massacre

By now you’ve probably heard about the shootings at Virginia Tech. Like everyone else, I am horrified. The University of Virginia is deep in mourning for the people who were killed at our sister school. Almost everyone here has people they care about at VT. I send my heartfelt condolences to everyone who lost a […]

UVa Blacklight – faceted browsing and prospect

If you were at code4libcon you’ve already seen Erik Hatcher’s initial foray into the world of indexing library catalog data with solr. I am pleased to announce that the unofficial UVa team we’ve assembled has come even further with that effort, and for the next couple of weeks we are demonstrating Blacklight, UVa’s solr based […]