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March 2008
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Archive for March, 2008

Comics for history nerds

I sort of have this thing for Louis Riel. I didn’t know who he was before I moved to Canada, but then I worked on this big Manitoba archives project, and the Rheostatics have that song, and my friend Brendan has a Louis Riel tattoo over his heart, and then Chester Brown wrote a graphic […]

Losing my religion and the Prelinger Film Archive

I just watched this music video on Library Stuff, and not only is it a great song and a great video, but I suspect that they got much of the video footage from the Prelinger Film Archives at the Internet Archive. Or at least they could have.

Kaltura for online video editing and publishing

In case Vertov wasn’t cool enough, Ryan Eby just told me (via twitter, my other new favorite toy) about Kaltura, “the first open source video platform.” It’s a neat service that allows you to upload video, edit it online, and publish it. You can even edit and re-publish content that other folks have uploaded. Everything […]

Vertov – a Zotero plug-in for annotating video

So you know Zotero is my new favorite toy, right? Through Jeremy Boggs I just heard about Vertov, a zotero plug-in that lets you annotate movies. It seems a bit like the Annotator’s Workbench video annotation software being developed at EVIADA at the University of Indiana, but it’s available for download now and works with […]

jQuery plugin for Google Books Search Viewability API

Matt Mitchell, one of the programmers on my team, just whipped up a neat little jquery plugin to easily display cover images and link to google books. We’re using it as part of Blacklight, and we’re making it available through the Blacklight source code repository under an Apache 2.0 license. First, grab the plugin here, […]